My Pencil Skirt of Scarlett Dress.

The catch-up continues: you probably spotted the skirt I was wearing in my last post. It is the skirt version of The Scarlett Dress pattern by SimpleSew Patterns. I am planning a dress and I decided to check the fit to make the top and the skirt separately. I already made the top bit and blogged about it here.img-alternative-textTo make it I used fabric that was left over from my first version of Shannon trousers (blogged about here) I cut a size 10. As the fabric is a bit thick I thought it is better to use some lighter one, so I ended up with some scrap. That is how I added a bit of colour to my skirt.

I decided to change the pattern so before I cut my paper I drafted a kick pleat to go with it.img-alternative-textThis is now it looks when done. I think it gives me a more elegant look and it is dead easy to make the adjustment to the centre back. If you want I can do a tutorial, just let me know and if there is a demand, I’ll gladly do one for you.img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textimg-alternative-textI did not use the instructions to make it. When checking the instructions for this post I noticed that I did do other things differently. I inserted a centred zip, rather than an invisible one.img-alternative-textI also chose not to hide the facing seam in the waistband. I overlocked it and then stitched in the ditch, from the right side. It saves the bulk in that area and looks much neater.img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textOnce I tried the skirt on, I found it way too loose. I was not fun unpicking the hem and then stitch a further 1 cm into the side seam to get it to fit better. I really don’t like alterations! But I knew it will not get worn if I leave it as it was.img-alternative-textI did not sit down after I’ve taken it in (a total of 4cm cm all the way around). Gladly, I lost some weight and although it is still a bit tight I can actually sit down. Phew!img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textimg-alternative-textI think when I make the dress version, I’ll only take it in 4cm at the waist but taper that down to 2cm at the hips. It will give me more space to make longer strides when I walk. At the moment I walk a little like Peggy Bundy from ‘Married with children’ series.Scarlett Pencil Skirt



  1. Such an elegant style, but I know what you mean about walking. I made a pencil skirt and it did turn out a bit loose fitting so I lost the shape. The plus side is that it is easy to stride out in!

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