Another Sewing Day with Gemma

Me and Gemma had big plans for our day together. Go to the Abakhan Warehouse Sale in Mostyn (North of Wales), stop at Ikea on our way back and sew a top each. And guess what?! We did manage to do all of the above.

We managed to get there for about 10:20 and the queue was huge. We’ve had to wait in the queue for about 1 hour. We did get a little taster sausage! Lol

While waiting in the queue we went past the raffle prizes table. And I got a few. As my lucky strike continued, I won three raffle prizes (it did help that there 3 prizes and 5tickets, that increased my chances significantly). Here is what I won.1499544890.jpeg1499544985.jpeg1499544995.jpegThen we spent about 1 hour browsing the times. We both got a fill a bag of £10 with fabric. I stuffed mine really well! Got more buttons. I could not believe, but there were some ladies, picking them by the button. I just got a handful until I filled a bag. And then there was another random bag with a lot of tidbits.IMG_08051499545314.jpeg1499545333.jpegWe had to put all our treasures into a trolley and have the security fella take it to the car. LOL. 1499545585.jpeg1499545679.jpegIMG_1644After that, we went on to  Ikea for a plant or two and some pegboards and some accessories for them and came home with a lot more. Finally got my hands on a buttons rug.IMG_0804IMG_0799Once we managed to stuff our purchases into the car, we came back to mine and managed to make ourselves a Briar Top by Megan Nielsen. A bit of faffing about as the overlocker didn’t respond all the time.1499546846.jpeg1499546852.jpegHowever, in about 2 hours we both had a top and ended up doing a little photo shoot to end the day! Took me about 5 minutes to figure out why the remote control was not working! Forgot to turn on the camera! Dah…1499547057.jpeg We did have a lot of fun trying to get a few good photos of our makes.1499547125.jpeg1499549472.jpeg1499549477.jpeg1499549488.jpeg1499549493.jpegYet again, I spent a fabulous day doing sewing activities or getting stuff for the sewing areas (the plants and crockery do not count)!

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