Briar Sweater #SewMyStyle

For this month’s #SewMyStyle the pattern was Briar Tee and Sweater by Megan Nielsen Patterns.


To make it I used scuba fabric purchased from my local store – Abakhan Fabrics. Seems the scuba is getting better. It is no longer stiff. It comes in more softer and lighter versions. I chose to make the longer version, after making the cropped version with scrap fabric, which ended being way to short – even though I cut it on the XL lines. It does look cute though.As I am not a big fan of showing off my belly, I opted for the longer version. I cut a size Small but on the XS lines for the hem, shortened the sleeve length by 4 cm and reduced the seam allowance to 0.6 cm to make it on the overlocker (this is because my overlocker chews fabric if its too much that needs to be cut). The only other change I did was to cut the neckband on the bias. Recently I watched Melissas video about neckbands on knits, and decided that cutting my neckline on the bias give a better finish.


I also wanted to make a feature of the pocket so I used a leather like knit, for this I was not able to use my pins to sew it on so I got my fabric glue, clips and walking foot to get this in.And I am glad I did!Experience has taught me that to avoid gaps its best to spend some extra time to tack in place the folded bank before attaching it to the top. I did the same thing for the hems. On this top I used the triple stitch to hem it (although because I used scuba, I could have left it un-hemmed and just trim off some of the excess).There is not much else that can be said about the construction of this top. It’s quite easy to make, even faster when you use an over-locker/serger. Managed to get some pictures of it on location while on a day out with my lovely friend Gemma and her family in Blackpool.I love the fit of this top on me. Its definitely going to me a TNT pattern, as Im planing on making loads of them.
#SewMyStyle 2017 – links to my previous makes in the challenge : January – Toaster Sweater, February – Saunio Cardigan, March – Virginia Leggings, April – Bridgetown Dress, May – Basics.Pocket Skirt.



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