A Bit Of A Fail


I have been thinking for a long time whether or not to share this project with you.But then I thought it might be a good idea. If I remember correctly I got the pattern in a swap at SewUp North last year, Butterick 5279. I just loved the red version of it. I used some fabric from the usual place, Abakhan, purple jersey.

Based on the finished measurements on the pattern I decided to make a size 12 to which I shortened the skirt length by 5 cm and the sleeves by 7cm as well as using a seam allowance of 0.6 cm as I used my overlocker to make it. Due to the fabric being quite stretchy I also skipped the zipper.

img-alternative-textFor the bodice lining I used the same fabric. It. Was sliding a bit to much, but I managed to work with it by tacking the layers before overlocking them.img-alternative-textI did not realise until it was too late, that I stitched the back skirt to the bodice the wrong way (centre back on the skirt lined up with side seam on the bodice). From there it all went down hill; technically it was before.  On top of that, I am not happy with how the pleats show in this fabric. But, I really like the look on this pattern, so I decided to carry on and ignore my instinct.img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textWhen I tried it on, I discovered it was huge on me, so I have taken it in on each side another 2 cm coming down from the sleeve joint.img-alternative-textHowever the dress is still huge. Also the V neck is much lower than I expected. But no way I’d be un-picking all that. No way Jose! If I ever try to make this again, I’ll definitely raise the neckline and maybe even size down even further. So on to solution number 2: add elastic on the waist back to make it smaller.img-alternative-textOnly that this did not work either. The elastic stretched out of shape. Now the back looked even worse, and unpicking it was not an option. Triple zig-zag made sure of it.img-alternative-textStill I did not give up. I had another Evrika moment: How about make a thread chain belt loop and use a the to fit the back?img-alternative-textFor the sleeve and hem I used again the triple stitch. Obviously, I made a channel on the sleeve hem to put the elastic through.img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textWhen I tried it on again, it still wasn’t the way I wanted. This is how it looks when I am using the back tie or pinch out the back. However the back looks awful.img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textimg-alternative-textAnd this is how it looks without the tie.img-alternative-textimg-alternative-textAlso I feel the neckline is way to low. It doesn’t look like that in the pictures either. But when I look down I can see my bra (that is my criteria for how low a neckline can be – where I can see too much of my bra when I look down). Makes me feel naked).img-alternative-textNot sure I will get to wear it, ever. Or maybe I could use a cardigan to hide that horrible back?! What do you think? At the moment for me the only thing that still goes for it, is the softness of the fabric against the skin. In the pictures somehow this dress looks better than in real life! I am so disappointed with this. I’m wondering if it is because I used the wrong fabric? Maybe I should have used a more stable know with less stretch. Hmm…



  1. What a shame! It happens to the best of us. Like you say, it looks absolutely fine from the photos though. Go and make something that makes you feel fabulous!

  2. I’ve got a project similar to what you went through and haven’t touched it since last year. It’s true we only go back to what makes us happy. But good on you for trying! If that were me there would have been a tantrum or two!

    • I almost had one! But I was starting to get the Evrika moments trying to solve my problem with it. Should have known it will not end well when I hated how the pleats turned out.

  3. I’m really glad it’s not just me!! I’ve had a few of these and usually throw the towel in if doesn’t work with a couple tries of saving so I’m super impressed you kept on going. From the front with the tie it looks fab, definitely has potential to be a super dress 🙂

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