Helping Out – Manchester Day 2017 take 2

Again, last weekend I was busy helping out for Manchester Day 2017, which is only a few days away now.


This years theme it Abracadabra! Which from what I have seen Behind the Scenes is a great theme.
This time I worked with Hannah Bold, whom I helped make some flags, a banner and part of large number of costumes for a group of Samaba drummers.


With this occasion I actually learnt a new skill. How to make reverse appliqué. It was with waterproof materials we worked with but, nonetheless I have learnt something new and had a lot of fun while doing it.


Also I got to practice my top stitching and working with satin while we made the cape part of the costumes.


I also managed to take a sneak peak at some of the stuff that will be on the parade on the day. I am sure you agree that this years parade will be phenomenal!


Waw! And this is only a small part. I think Manchester Day 17 is going to be super fun and filled with colour.



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