Sewing For Others #SewTheLove

It is not often my mum tells me she wants me to sew something for her. So when she hinted that she like the top that’s on the last cover of Sew Now, I pretty much started planning to make her one.  This is a Butterick B5889 pattern. She would have wanted me to use the same fabric used for this tunic. However it was already sold out and I could not find something similar that my mum liked. In the end we settled for a navy blue fabric with some flowers on, which I got at my local fabric store.  IMG_0342 At first she wanted the tunic but then decided that she wanted the top version of it ,which is view C. Sizing wise, working from the finished garment measurements I chose to make her a small, which I the same size I use for myself.  This is such as friendly beginner pattern that I only glanced at the instructions and checked the seam allowances.  It comes together very fast. I think it only took me about 1.5 – 2 h from start to finish.

The only think that I did differently was to use ready made bias tape to finish the neckline.IMG_0337IMG_0340For the seams that were on show I chose to overlock them. I also finished the sleeves hem after stitching the side seams as a continuous stitch from front to back. IMG_0336IMG_0339IMG_0181As my mum did not want the top to be too long, I used a 5 cm deep hem.  IMG_0335The fabric was easy to work with and it feels really soft against the skin.  I do like the fit on this top, and I might have to make one for myself as well. IMG_0189IMG_0196IMG_0206 (Edited)IMG_0213It was a lot of fun trying to find some cute locations for taking these pictures while away for a few days in Devon. So when we stumbled across these cute huts I knew I had to have a few pictures taken here. Hope my mum likes this top as much as I do.



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