Basics. Pocket Skirt #SewMyStyle

Another month has passed and it’s time to share another #SewMyStyle project.  May’s project was a skirt by Cali Faye CollectionBASICS. pocket skirt. Basics . Pocket Skirt . womensTo make it I used fabric I bought at, my all so famous, local store, the Bolton branch of Abakan. It is a cotton with a bit of body, which does not look like the fabric in the picture above. I was disappointed the designer did not show at least a picture of the whole skirt including the waistband.

My not keeping to instructions/advice continued with me choosing to make a size S although based on the measurements I could have picked size L. However I felt a finished waistband that’s 90cm it’s way to big for me. I only used the instructions to make sure I am using the correct seam allowance.  IMG_0165 As I used an animal print fabric, the top stitching with black thread does not show much. The patch pockets themselves are invisible as they  get lost in the print.  I will not comment on the instructions as I have not followed them at all.  At first I was confused as to why this pattern is advertised as an intermediate one. That was until I got to the part you insert the elastic into the back waistband section. For this I did my own thing as well, though in hindsight, maybe it would have been  a good idea the check the instructions first.  IMG_0160 IMG_0162To make my life easier, I chose to finish on the overlocker the inside seam of the facing and let it hang, rather than turn inside. This way I was sure to catch it when I stitched in the ditch from the right side.IMG_0164I inserted the zip as a centred zip, although it was on the side seam. Even though I was careful it sill moved a bit. But since I was not in the mood to unpick it, I made sure the facings are level at the top. And my mistake it’s hardly visible. IMG_0167As on the model the skirt looked a bit short and my legs are on the thick side, I did not alter the length.  I do prefer my skirts a bit closer to the knee. Besides I’m no longer at the age when wearing mini skirts looks cute on me. And, I am so glad I did not shorten it, as I still think it’s on the short side.  pocket skirt 18 For the purpose of showing you the waistband. I’ve wore a camisole. However I will not wear it like this unless I am also wearing a jacket or cardigan. pocket skirt 24This is not a style I prefer on myself. Although I love the fact that I have a small waist, I also have a bit of a bump on my abdomen and a rather round behind. Which means that gathered skirts tend to make look like I am pregnant as it sticks out right under my waist. pocket skirt 23If I end up actually wearing this skirt, it will be most probably by wearing a top over the waist, which will cover all those gathers. pocket skirt 30pocket skirt 36This month’s experiment feels it’s a bit of a failed one. I’m not yet giving up on it. I might be making this skirt again, but will use a linen look or linen mix or some other fabric with less body.  I am even considering going up in size to M. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on this.

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