Mixing Fabrics to make a top

This time I’d like to share with you my second version of the Wanted Tee by Vanessa Pouzet.  The first version was blogged here. As I was cutting my summer dress  for my day with Gemma in march I realised I would be left over with a lot of the fabric. Also I has this lace I knew I wanted to pair it with the yellow fabric. Well it’s way to bright and by putting a layer of lace on top.  This was how my second Wanted Tee came to be. For the band and sleeves I used fabric left over from my one of my Bronte Tops . This time I went for the short sleeves so I could wear it in summer as well.   As I felt that the top was too long on the bodice between the bust and shoulder I’ve shaved off about 1 cm of the shoulder seam (as well as on the neck band pieces and modified the sleeve pattern accordingly).

To get a better finish on my neckline I did my own thing. I stitched the two band pieces together as per instructions and folded in half and pressed. Wanted Tee 1Then I stay stitched the corners on the bodice, before inserting the band into the neckline. Wanted Tee 2This gave me a much better definition for the corner and I was quite confident to clip into the corner. And I got the perfect corner. Wanted Tee 11Like on the other version I’ve used the overlocker to finish the seams. and used the zigzag stitch to finish the hems on the sleeves. Wanted Tee 13Wanted Tee 14 Because I used the lace overlay I decided that I will not hem it and use the scallop on the lace pattern as the hem. So once I finished the top, I just cut around the edge. Pretty good that lace does not fray. Easiest hem I’ve ever done. Wanted Tee 6Wanted Tee 8 I have already worn this to quite a few times and received a lot of compliments.  I like the fit on it. Although this version is a bit tighter, also because the yellow fabric is not as stretchy as the jersey I used the first time. Wanted Tee 20Wanted Tee 24Wanted Tee 15Wanted Tee 17Wanted Tee 31I really like this version and now that I got he fit right, I’ll be making so many more of them. It’s quite fun mixing fabrics like that. Tried it with one of the Bronte’s I’ve made some time. I am sure I shall be doing this in the future as well, especially when I don’t have enough of one fabric.



  1. Such a super look, the black lace on the yellow is fab!! Great tip on the corners, will definitely do this when I get round to trying this pattern.

  2. It look fab! When I started reading and I saw yellow and black I wasn’t sure it would work but it completely does. Looks great. I’ve got the pattern but I am yet to brave it! I don’t think my sewing with stretch skills are good enough yet!!

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