Sewing Day with Gemma

Some of you know that last week me and Gemma had our sewing day for May. We previously decided to make shirt dresses. Unfortunately neither of up finished the project we were working on. So your day was not as successful as the first few times  (which I blogged about here and here)I decided to make my second Cuba Libre by Capital Chic Patterns Chose again view B. I have not yet decided whether or not to add the pockets or not. P1210596_1024x1024  Gemma chose to make a vintage shirt dress from Maudella (5960).  She was making toiles to get the fir right. She’s made the bodice a few times  on the day.  msohtmlclipclip_image001 To be honest, although we both tried to get a head start and have a finished garment by the end of the day, we both decided to take it slow and not compromise on the quality of the finished garment.  Gemma made 5 toiles in the end to try to get a better fit. IMG_0078 I was also too busy having fun and dancing, so there was no way in hell I would have finished the dress in time without some major disasters.       I am almost finished with it. Just got to cut open the button holes (still not mustered the courage to get them cut) and then sew in some buttons. IMG_0138   In the end I don’t think it matters that we did not finish our projects in time. I’m so much happier that we got to spend time together doing something we both like  and had a world of fun in doing so. IMG_0082 And we also had the chance to take a selfie doing silly faces. Now this is what I call a successful sewing day!  Can’t wait for our next one.


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