Bridgetown Tunic #SewMyStyle

As some of you already know, this year I am doing the #SewMyStyle challenge organised by Alex Bartholomew of  BlueBird Fabrics to push myself to try styles that I would not normally go for. In January I made 2 Toaster sweaters I blogged about here. In February I made the Saunio Cardigan blogged about here. In March I made Virginia leggings blogged about here.

The pattern for April is Bridgetown Backless Dress and Tunic by Sew House Seven.


Initially, I intended to make view C, the dress version. However the fabric that was kindly sent to me by Minervacrafts to test (review post – please click here), was a bit see through, so I ended up making view D, the tunic version.  Fabric is Animal Print Slash Stretch Jersey Dress Fabric (devore jersey fabric has a trendy leopard skin print design perfect for all ages! The fabric is contrasted from two layers which are attached together so you treat them as one fabric when sewing. The top layer features the animal print design which is attached to the plain base layer of fabric to give this burn out devore effect). It comes in four colour combinations: Blue & Black, Cream & Black, Grey &Black and Pink & Black. I chose to go with the Blue & Black combination.animal print 8I chose to cut size 6 based on finished garment measurements. and for the horizontal seams I cut on the size 0 lines to shorten the dress/tunic. I did not use the instructions at all. I was watching series at the time on my PC and could not be bothered to load the instructions. However the dress is very easy to make. Because I was working with jersey I used my walking foot on my machine and a tiny zig-zag stitch. animal print 16I finished any exposed seams on my overlocker. animal print 21I did not trim my seam allowances on the pattern to 0.6 cm, because I want to make this dress in a woven as well and to use French Seams. Also for the elastic you need the 1.5cm seam as you have the casting made using the seam allowance at the waist to create it. I know you can barely see it in the pictures. It’s tough taking pictures of back thread on black fabric. animal print 36 I find the tunic really confortable. However I prefer wearing it with the back in the front. IMG_4730IMG_4738For this post, I tried it on the way it was intended by the designer. IMG_4717I don’t like the fact that my bra is showing. Though in this case, it sort of looks like it it’s part of the dress. And I’ll definitely not get away with not wearing a bra underneath. Gone are those days!IMG_4718IMG_4702I am so making this again in a woven this time. The pattern also lends itself to colour blocking. Hmm… loads of ideas. I might have to make more than just another one.



  1. Great dress, I think I’d wear it back the front too as not keen on high necklines, love the drape and look forward to seeing it in a woven

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