My Sewing Space

I thought it would be fun to share with you my sewing space. I am very lucky that I can dedicate a whole room to my sewing. As my blog name shows I am actually sewing in the attic. Albeit a beautiful conversion of one. IMG_1475On  a sunny day this space is almost magical. Even when the clouds are in the sky, I get a lot of natural light.  One one side I’ve set up my storage. The other one has the stairs. IMG_0659    I use a small portion of this space as an office. But it’s my dedicated space for sewing. Because it is at the top of the house, when it gets messy , and trust me it does often, I don’t have to tidy up, unless I know someone will see this space. IMG_4631  In those boxes I keep lining or scrap fabric. In the draws I ended up keeping zippers and some tools. IMG_4633 

I have used the space between the two desks to put some cubes into which to store some of my fabric. The idea occurred to me when I came home with some fabric and discovered I already bought some. It was also to keep reminding myself I have enough fabric to stock a small show and I’d better get cracking with using up more of the fabric I already have, or give some away.  IMG_4632

On the other desk, I’ve set up my overlocker and one of the cubes into which I store my Burda Style and Sewing World magasine collections.  IMG_4635IMG_4646The other side I’m storing more fabric (I’ve subjected myself to some torture to fold all that fabric, my back was killing me after spending about 4-5 hours folding fabric to fit into the cubes). IMG_4636On top I have some of my haberdashery. Yes, I have a lot of baking paper! And no, I don’t bake much (I don’t even store any baking paper in my kitchen). All those magazines are 3 years worth of Sew Magasine issues( I’ve recently gave up my subscription as I feel they keep doing same thing all the time, also they started repeating the patterns they offer, besides I cannot give myself enough reason for having 3 subscriptions at the same time), all Love Sewing & Sew Now issues since they started publishing them and some Simply Sewing . There are the odd Make It Today, Patrones and other international magazines I purchased through the years. I know I am a bit of a sewing magazines nerd.IMG_4637I am using the left  over cubes to store some more supplies (brown cupboard) and my sewing books IMG_1466IMG_4641 On the opposite side of the room I have a mobile draws unit and my dummy. As you can see I have most of my patterns stored in the purple boxes. IMG_1472You probably spotted the doors in this picture. I have four of them two sets on each side. Behind them is a huge storage space where I keep more fabric and patterns. I won’t show you that bit as it’s quite messy, not for public viewing.

And in the middle of all this space I have my table, next to which I usually set my ironing table as well. IMG_1474And this is my sewing space. I love spending time in this space and this is where me and Gemma have our sewing days. It’s so big we can have a sewing party there. Anyone interested in joining me, let me know.


  1. Such an amazing space! I dream of having a sewing room (currently it’s a fold out table next to my bed, fabric wedged anywhere it can fit and haberdashery bits everywhere) I would love to join you but too far away.

    • Thank you! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful space. I am sure one day you’ll have more space! Wish we had a teleportation device. 😘

  2. What a beautiful sewing room. I just started sewing. Learning through videos and readings. I dream one day I will have a sewing room . For now I sew at my mother’s house using her sewing machine and if at home in the kitchen on a folding table . Well everyone starts at the bottom..

    • Thanks Kimberly. I am very lucky indeed to have such a beautiful space. I am sure in time you’ll get your dream sewing room as well. Where abouts are you based?

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