Wanted Tee-Shirt – A French Pattern

When this pattern made it’s way on my Instagram feed, I just fell in  love with it. It did not matter that the pattern is from a French designer – Vanessa Pouzet  – and the instructions are in French. Technically I know French as I studied it in school. So I knew I’ll manage to figure out the instructions, even if I do not understand everything. 

The name of the pattern is Wanted Tee- Shirt. And comes in PDF form only. The neckline was what attracted me to this pattern in the first place.WANTEDThe pattern itself has only 18 pages and easy to put together. You are given 4 sleeve lengths to choose from. Also the sizing range is quite big  from 34-48. I  fall in the middle with size 40. However as the pattern is drafted for someone who is 168 cm tall I knew at least the sleeves need to be shortened by at least 7 cm. Other than that, for the first try I made no other changes.

As this was the first time I worked with this pattern company, I decided it might be a good idea to make a toile. So the fabric my lovely friend Gemma gave me was perfect for this. If I am not mistaken it came from the well known Abakan store, next door to me. IMG_1358 Although the instructions were in French, they are well structured and accompanied by diagrams. So what I could not understand in French I made up with my experience and the diagrams. Besides you know me, I sort of glimpse at the instructions and then do my own thing anyway.

For the shoulder seams I used clear elastic to strengthen the seam. To keep the elastic in place, I had to use fabric glue as it kept moving and had to unpick the first try. image The trickiest part is adding the neckband to the neckline. It took me a while to figure it out. But I think for a first run my neckline looks good. I used a purple fabric as I wanted to give it a bit of contrast. imageThe inside of the Tee is a bit messy, as I made the whole thing on the sewing machine. imageTo stabilize the hems and avoid the waves, I used some knit interfacing, which I got all the way from America. If any of you know a good source here in the UK please let me know.imageI also used a 3 point zig-zag after hem was stitched, I cut off the excess. imageThe constructions come together quite fast as it is a simple top. Although the fabric is not really my kind of fabric. I am please with the fit of the top. I do however need to shorten it by  about 1.5cm between the shoulder and bust, as I feel it gapes a bit. Wanted Tee26Wanted Tee24Wanted Tee20Wanted Tee23Wanted Tee18Wanted Tee21Wanted Tee31As this is so easy to put together and does not take too much  fabric. I’ll sure make a lot more versions of it. As I mentioned before, I already made the small adjustments needed so as I manage to clear my other projects I’ll make another one of these.



  1. I saw this top too and fell in love with it but I don’t know any French (other than the obvious words!) the neckline is so gorgeous and your version looks fab. I think I might give it ago one day as it’s lovely. I got my knit tape from America too, goo old Amazon.

    • It is very easy to make. Once your get your head around how the neckline goes together you are sorted. The rest is very easy. Also the diagrams that come with the patters are very good and make up for the French instructions.

  2. oh i love your version, the colours are beautiful. im in the middle of making this and was wondering if i could get a suggestion regarding the neckline. i did manage to translate well enough but i cant seem to get the inside corner of the bodice to align with the seams on the neckband when i flip it over. i think im not getting the line up points for the 1 and 2cm marks but not sure…newbie question i know but im kinda stumped. thx

    • Thank you. When I made my second one I stayed stitched the corners on the seam line and clipped then before I attached the band. You also need to pull the bad a bit to make it line up. Not sure how useful this is now. I didn’t get perfect corners with my first one either.

      • yes it is still helpful, i havent touched it since last night. thats a great tip to staystitch…ill play around with lining up the corners, i just dont know where to match the 1cm on neckband…thank you for replying so fast and the help…have a great wknd:)

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