Chelsea Blouse #magazinemakes



I fell in love with the Chelsea blouse – designed by SimpleSew Patterns and published as a free patterns in issue 4 of the SewNow Magazine. To make it I used fabric (viscose) from my local fabric shop, that was in my stash for years. 

SN04.P01As the pictures shows the sleeves are a bit short, so I lengthened them by 10 cm. I also did a FBA and re-drawing the facing for the front to match. Because on the model the hem hits on her hips and she definitely is much taller than me I did not change length on the blouse.  16229400_1549129385114719_1671191939745054720_nThe fabric was a bit of a pain to work with, as it was very slippery. To keep the facing from rolling onto the right side, I understitched it before trimming off the excess. IMG_3924For the hem I turned 1cm twice and stitched in place. IMG_3925 Before, adding the facing, I decided to add the sleeves to the shell fabric and then hand sew the raw edges around the sleeve. I overlocked all other exposed edges to get a clean finish inside. IMG_3926As the fabric was way to slippery, I interfaced the cuff to make it easier to work with. IMG_3928I exaggerated with the button loop, and it ended up a bit too big. Ops! IMG_3930I am quite happy with the finished blouse. I could have gotten away with more length on the sleeves. Also I was a bit disappointed the top ended up so short. Next time I am making it. I will definitely add at least 10 cm to the length. I am not flashing, but it keeps coming out of skirts/trousers if I tuck it in as it’s not long enough. chelsea 1

chelsea 4chelsea 7In this next one, I like the pose, but my face, o dear! That looked awful so I had to take it out. chelsea 3



  1. Great top, it looks fab on, the back is lovely! I hate tops that are too short, my tummy needs to stay hidden 🙂

    • Oh I know the feeling! I also so prefer my tummy to be covered. And cropped tops are not my favourites. I can just about get away with this one as long as I don’t raise my arms.

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