Toaster Sweater 1 #SewMyStyle

toaster sweater 1This year I decided to join in Bluebird Fabrics challenge #SewMyStyle (for details please follow the link). For January I decided to make version 1 of the Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven.

I do not particularly like PDF patterns. But sometimes one has no choice but to work with them. 

sewmystyleI got my fabric from my local fabric store, even before I bought my first 3 patterns. I think getting them over the year it is more manageable.

After checking the measurements I decided to cut a size S. and reduced the seam allowance to 0.6 cm so I can make the whole thing on my overlocker. I also shortened the sleeve by about 8 cm.  It came together super fast. Although on the cuffs and neck line I had to go over twice in some places as I did not pick up both  sides of the cuffs.  IMG_3722The first fabric was a bit more sturdier than my second choice. My second fabric is much softer. However ended with a wavy band on the bottom of my second one. Also I feel that the neck band is not sturdy enough so if I make this again(and I have the feeling I will) I will use some knit interfacing as well on the neck band to make it stiffer.  IMG_3728I enjoy both versions. Been wearing them a lot in the last few weeks. Took me this long to write the post and take the pictures. Ops.   Here are the two next to each other to shows you the length difference and drape in the fabrics. IMG_3717They don’t look that impressive on the hangers, but once I get in they look so much nicer. IMG_3638IMG_3639IMG_3644IMG_3660IMG_3645IMG_3655While wearing this sweater, I realised that my back gets exposed (I do wear my jeans with lower waistband. So I felt it was a tad short. Hence I lengthened the bodice pieces by 5 cm for my next on. However I sort of used the wrong fabric and the neckband is not looking as it should. I would have taken some pictures for you but I did not have time to do it before today (nor did I feel pretty enough for some blog pictures – I only want  to show the good side of me when it’s pretty). So I only have the one with both together. Hope you don’t mind.

I also think I  will give version 2 a go, after seeing the versions popping up on the social media. However, I’ll make that one later this year, as for now I feel I have enough sweaters.



  1. I’ve loved seeing all the versions popping up on IG and yours too. I bet these will be worn to death. I was tempted to join in this challenge when I saw this pattern bit then when I looked at the others I don’t think many of them are really me. I’m still tempted to buy this one though 😀

    • I know what you mean. I joined precisely because I want to push myself to try styles I would not normally go for and see what happens. This year for me is a year of experimentation. And it seems to work as so far it’s the most productive year I had in terms of completed items. Since the start of the year I finished 7 garments. 🤓

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