Rigel Bomber Jacket for Grease

rigel papercut

My lovely friend Gemma and I will be going to a Grease musical end of March in Manchester, and she thought that it would be a great idea to have special outfits. As  it were, I found myself between projects not knowing what to make next (as if I don’t have a ton of  UFOs that need finishing or a huge list of projects I want to do), so I asked Gemma what shall I make next and she said we could make an outfit for the musical.  Which was a good idea, since I’ve had the Rigel Bomber* pattern (PaperCut Patterns*) from a swap at another Leeds meet-up, not the one from 2016. My fabric choice this time was dictated by me having black ribbing and not wanting to buy more. Also I have been sitting on this fun fabric from Abakhan for ages, and I finally found the project to use it in.

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From the get go, I knew I wanted to add lining to my jacket, To do this I did some searching on the internet. I found an interesting tutorial, but I  don’t remember where I found it now. Basically you remove the facing from the pieces of the main body and sleeve, then add 2cm as seam allowance to save time from adding extra seam allowance to the facings. Afterwards you use the normal 1 cm seam allowance the pattern calls for. I also shortened the sleeves by 8 cm. I left the rest of the jacket as it was as I don’t like it to be to short. For the lining I used yellow lining fabric (which also came from local fabric store) for contrast, and I have to say was a pain to work with. I even thought that I’ve lost my seam allowance on the bottom. Close but still managed to add the lining in. IMG_3696I followed the instructions for adding the welt for the pocket (not done many of these in my time). I found the instructions easy to follow, though I did find it a bit difficult to add the pocket bag to it with tow separate pieces, even though I basted them into place. Possibly because of the lining fabric. For the future makes, I will merge the pocket bag pieces together into one piece. I think that will be easier to construct. IMG_3528IMG_3691Oh and I forgot to mention for the pocket flaps and facings, I used plain black cotton to match the cuffs.  The rest of the instructions are basic but easy to follow.

Obviously, I had to change the construction a bit because of the lining. When I constructed the lining, before adding it to the facing pieces, I left a hole in one of the side seams, so that I can bag the lining, using the technical term.IMG_3699IMG_3700I’ve had some issues figuring out how to attach the ribbing to the front bottom of the jacket with the lining. It does not look perfect, but it’s not obvious either. IMG_3693I am quite pleased with the cuffs. Again not perfect, a bit too wavy for me, but I hope once I wash them, they’ll look better. IMG_3698There are a few things I did differently or added as they were not in the instructions such as to top-stitch the bodices after adding the sleeves on and use a zig-zag stitch to finish off the pocket welts rather than straight stitch. IMG_3695IMG_3694I am very happy with my first ever bomber jacket. The fit is nice and now I have a drinking jacket, as if I ever need a garment for drinking. IMG_3621IMG_3624IMG_3632IMG_3635 After  looking at the pictures, it might be a good idea to add a bit more length to the sleeves, maybe 2-3 cm?  What do you think?

This is another project I made which I avoided for ages, and now that it’s complete I can’t believe it took me so long to make. I do intend to make a few more of these. But for now, I am all set for my Grease musical show.


  1. Super bomber, very retro looking. I think adding a lining was a great idea and it came out great, hadn’t noticed the sleeves until you mentioned them but it does look like the could do with a couple cm. Looks fab on.

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