Pinafore Dress–Finally Joined the Trend

pinafore dress sewnow3

In the last couple of months I have been bombarded by so many pinafore dresses/skirts that I could not help myself from not making one as well. I was about to get the Cleo pinafore  + dungaree dress by Tilly and The Buttons when I got the third issue of Sew Now magazine which has a downloadable/ PDF pattern for a pinafore dress/skirt.

The good news was that I already had most of the supplies to make this skirt. All the supplies were purchased from my local Abakhan store over the years. For the main skirt I used green corduroy and for the lining/facings a funky cotton. Due to the fact that I did not have the exact colour thread I used a grey coloured thread, which blends very nicely with both fabrics. I did not bother changing the thread on the overlocker also because I like to have a bit of contrast, as a signature of mine. IMG_1335I decided to make the size 8 based on the measurements given and to  shorten the skirt length by 5cm. I also chose to use for the strap lining piece : corduroy. 

The instructions are pretty straight forward and easy to follow. The only bit of them I followed was for the straps, as the lining strap piece is thinner than the main fabric one. I am quiet happy with the result. At first I was not sure how they would work out. pinafore dress  (9)Because I did not pay attention when I got the dungaree clasps, I got the ones that only have one bar so the straps were not very secure. To fix this I put the dress on and pinned in the straps  and then stitched them into place. This means I won’t have to fiddle with them every time I put the dress on.

For all the seams that are exposed on the inside, I have finished them on the overlocker. I also handstitched the facings/lining to the seams to stop them from flapping about. pinafore dress  (13)As the instructions did not mention nor was there a placement for the buttons I decided to add them 2.5cm from the front corners. pinafore dress  (11)Also I kept the hem quite small as I underestimated how short the final skirt would be and did a 1.5cm hem not 2.5cm as stated. pinafore dress  (7)The skirt is very nice. I really like it. I am quite happy that I did not spend money on the pattern, but still got to join in on the pinafore dress/skirt trend. pinafore dress  (4)pinafore dress  (19)pinafore dress  (20)pinafore dress  (21)pinafore dress  (23)  This was actually my second make I made this year. Will soon blog about my first make soon. It’s part of #SewMyStyle project. So, some of you might guess what pattern that is.  Hope you guys have a great new year full of wonderful experiences and loads of time to sew (or do whatever makes you happy)! 



    • Thank you. I won’t be wearing mine. It’s a fit too short. But I am sure some will pop up. Looking forward to see you again. X

    • Thanks. That fabric has been in my stash for a while. But I still have some left to be used in another project 🙂

  1. Lovely pinafore, I’m also tempted by this style but unsure it will suit me, I love when you get a mag freebie that’s just what you’ve been thinking about. It looks great on!

    • I was not sure either, that’s why I was really pleased with the freebie from the magazine. And it suites me. Quite happy I tried it.

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