What? Another Zoe?

IMG_1558Yes, I have made another one – here is the link to the tutorial. This time it was the fabric that dictated the pattern choice. Although this does not happen often with me. I was in Abakhan for a zipper and this small piece of awesomeness fell into my hands. I just could not put it back. And when I looked for more they  did not have it. But I was decided to make myself something with it. It was not meant to be an apron or lining for a bag. I decided this needs to be out for the world to see, even if it is a bit quirky. For the back and the sleeve cuffs I used plain black. 

As soon  as I saw the fabric I knew I will need to go  for a simple design to showcase the fabric. So it had to be Zoe top by SimpleSew Patterns which I got with my Sew Now Magazine. You  can purchase the pattern still from SimpleSew Patterns website. For this top I cut the fabric on the fold for both the back and the front after taking out the seam allowances. The length of the tunic was dictated by length of my fabric which was just under 1 metre.  I added to the top length about 25 cm, so it ended being more of a tunic than a dress or a top. fabricThe seams were finished in the usual fashion – overlocked edges for any seam that was exposed. I did not bother with finishing the edges for any seams enclosed by the facings or sleeve cuff. IMG_3255Because I did not want to lose more length, I decided to use bias binding (I already had this in my stash of supplies) to face the bottom edge. I so love knowing all these little trick so I can make the stuff I envision or solve problems when I don’t have enough fabric. This is another reason why I enjoy sewing so much. IMG_3254 As the top is a bit on the monochrome side I know I can go crazy with the accessories, though I will probably keep it tame just so the fabric takes the centre stage in my outfits. An if I feel like a little colour I can even add some with my fabric coloured pens, what do you think? zoe 6zoe 4zoe 7zoe 3Do you ever find yourself with a piece of fabric that you need to then find a pattern that works with it?



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