A Denim Jacket from Love Sewing–Simple Sew Pattern

IMG_1556My love for Love Sewing and SimpleSew Patterns shows as I made another make with their patterns. I got this pattern with issue 21 which was out last year around this time. 

I used fabric that I got from my local Abakan as usual, I used some left over scrap fabric from my  Dottie Angel tunic which I blogged about here.

If you do not have this issue of Love Sewing you can get the Jackie O’ Jacket which has a very similar design but shorter sleeves (which can be easily lengthened if needed). It is also easier to make, as it does not have the little detail on the neck line. JackieOFront  I decided for my version to lengthen the bodice by 5cm (2inches) so it hits closer to my hips For this I had to modify the front facing as well.  For the sleeves I had to take out 5cm so they are not too long. As this was a pretty easy make I decided to concentrate on the inside a bit more so I made bias tape and finished the seams with it. What the professionals call Hong Kong seam finish. But I’ve dome mine a little different as I stitched the bias tape in one step, using my clips to keep everything in place. IMG_1253As this was such an easy make, I did not really use the instructions. But they are very easy to follow.

I felt that using denim for the facing will be too much so I used my scrap fabric for this as well. IMG_3272Although it took me longer to finish it, I love my little jacket. It’s pretty on the outside as well as the inside. IMG_3270 And, now I hope you are in for some silly poses. This is what I decided to do during a lunch break instead of having something to eat. What can I say, the love for my blog makes me sacrifice myself sometime. Ha ha! IMG_3464IMG_3457New Image4New Image6New Image5It is comfortable, easy to wear and I will for sure make more of them as I want a few for the office. I tend to  be a bit cold and need more coverage than some.



  1. This love is fab, and the type of jacket that will go with everything. TBH I totally dismissed this pattern, but it looks totally different and very appealing made up in denim.

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