Party Dress! Threadcount out of SewNow


In my attempt to avoid finishing other projects I decided to have a go at the latest Threadcount pattern #1616 that came with my SewNow Magazine second issue. 

I chose to make view B, with fabric I got from my local fabric store ages ago. It was in the swimsuit basket. But I knew then, there would not have been a swimsuit for me.

I did not follow the instructions, so I will not comment on them at all. It is a beginner pattern and just by looking at the pattern pieces I knew I can make it without any help. It took me about 3-4 hours from tracing the pattern pieces (I always do that) to  having a completed dress. When tracing the pattern pieces I measured the bodice and decided to  shorten it by 4.6cm to fit my petite frame. At the same time I also reduced the seam allowance to 0.6cm, so I can sew the seams on the overlocker.  I did not change the skirt length as I did not want it to be too short on me. IMG_3411To keep the fabric bit that forms the cowl neck facing, I decided to use some iron-on hemming web. This will keep the facing in and now there’s no chance of coming out to annoy me , or to have to keep pushing it back in place, while wearing the dress.IMG_3413Although there was no reason for it, other than it looks pretty, I decided to overlock the other edges – hem ones -as well. For the bottom hem I used some knit interfacing to stop the hem from getting wavy. I also used a triple zig-zag stitch on my Toyota Jeans Machine and a walking foot. And I am pleased with the result. IMG_3414IMG_3410The hems on the sleeve were done without the knit interfacing, but they did not get wavy, possibly because I used the walking foot and the triple stitch zigzag.

On my last trip to Barcelona I found some cute stamps, which came home with me. I started added them with fabric ink into my garments, just because I can. Smile IMG_3408I am still so amazed I made this dress so fast. And it fits well! threadcount1threadcount2threadcount3threadcount4threadcount5As I made this so fast, I am keeping this pattern as one of my go to pattern, in case I need a dress fast. One never knows how many parties they have to attend. And I am one of those girls who likes to wear something different, especially if the same people attend those parties. Gee, I am so glad I can make my own dresses!



  1. Oh totally. Have a little pice left and I’ll try to incorporate the left over in a project, actually thinking White Russian might work. 😉

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