Is It A Bit of A Fail–Pyjama Top?

IMG_1519It’s been a while since I have finished this top. I am not sure how I feel about it. I wondered whether or not to share this with you. But then I thought maybe it will be good to share a project I am not proud or happy with the result. So, here it goes.

I received this pattern as part of the goodie bag (Thank you lovely people at Simplicity) at the The Big Simplicity Blog Meet that took place in May in Manchester and about which I blogged about – here

I used some fabric from my stash, that I did not really see myself using for other stuff, so I thought it was perfect for this. Well now I think it was not the best idea I had. I mean it was supposed to be a wearable muslin anyway.  I made view B using the Small size. Although my measurements put me in the Medium size, I know Simplicity patterns have a lot of ease and the top would have ended up to big for me.

For some reason, I had it in my head that among the suggested fabric was only some knit/jersey so I used this 3D knit fabric, I have got from a bargain bundle from my favourite local fabric shop. Due to the irregularities in the fabric it was a pain to cut and hem. Serves me well for not paying attention to much as the fabric suggestions on the pattern envelope (seems this is a recurrent theme with me). IMG_2682 I did enjoy making the top, though. And the instructions on this one are pretty good and  easy to follow. I also like the idea of only stitching the cross over in the front (where the the front pieces meet) for about 3-4 cm to make sure you don’t end up flashing anyone with movement.  IMG_2684It could be that my hem became wavy because I did my own thing and skipped the casting as suggested by the instructions, which was not helped by the fabric either.

For this one I only shortened the bodice pieces as usual by 3 cm above the bust, but I left the sleeves as they  were on the pattern as I prefer longer sleeves.

I sewed the whole thing on the sewing machine and finished the raw edges on the overlocker. It might have been a muslin, but it was intended to be a wearable one. This means I had to make the effort for the inside as well. IMG_2686Although I do not plan to take this top out of the house, I am still using in as a slack top.  Or maybe as Gemma said, use it as pyjama top (hence the title). Might be perfect for this cool winter nights. But until then, I’ve taken some pictures of this wearing proper clothes. IMG_2648IMG_2644IMG_2638 And I had to include the funny face picture as well. IMG_2635 I think the fail on this project is more my choice of fabric.  On second thought I do now think this could be used for a robe of some kind not meant to leave the security of a home. Apart from that, I do like the way it fits me and I will definitely make it again. The pattern sits nicely in a draw on my on my WIP trolley waiting for me – yes I have one. I will also add a cuff rather than use casting and elastic to finish the sleeve hem. And I will also make it in a woven fabric with a bit of drape. IMG_1546Do you ever end up not liking your projects because of the fabric you used? Do you start again with another fabric or you give up?


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