Shannon Trousers Continuing a Trend


It seems that I am being attracted to this style trousers. Remember my  Veneca shorts, I’ve made from Patrones Magasine? – blogged about here.

As soon as I received issue 31 of Love Sewing I decided I want to make the Shannon Trousers, pattern by SimpleSew Patterns.

Although I really love the version in the magasine, I decided to make my trousers to be more appropriate for autumn. So I shopped my stash and decided on this heavy suiting fabric that I got at Abakhan some time ago. Considering the main fabric is quite heavy, I decided to recycle fabric from an abandoned project to make the pocket lining and waistband facing. IMG_1081From experience, I know that I do not need to make any adjustments to the bottom half of SimpleSew Patterns, other than to shorten the pattern by 10 cm. So I just cut out a size 8.

The trousers were pretty easy to make, so I just skimmed through the instructions to see if there’s something different that what I intended to do, but there-wasn’t. IMG_1083I overlocked the raw edges as I went along on the pocket section, as well as the side seams and  the hem. I did not overlock the seams that meet at the facing as they would have added a lot more bulk. IMG_2698 I decided to used a decorative zip so instead of blue buttons I ended up using brown ones to go with the zip. Skipped the button on the waistband as no one will see it anyway. IMG_2696IMG_2697Love these pants. The fit is perfect. My lovely friend Gemma was impressed to. She said that they don’t look homemade and she thought I bought them. Then I bragged and told her I made them. Not that often I manage to find store clothes that fit that well. Ha, Ha! IMG_2713IMG_2720IMG_2769IMG_2734

I enjoyed making these pants and I am discovering all these new ways I can use me scrap or left over fabrics to make new clothes for myself and adding these little details to my garments to make them special.

Do you tend to add little touches to your makes? What are they? I’d love to hear what you do (might steal an idea or two of you).



  1. Your trousers fit fab and look great, I’ve not tried a Simple Sew pattern yet but do have a couple from magazines. I’ve started trying to use left overs in my projects as I have so many that I can’t throw away.

  2. FINALLY I have some free time to do a little sewing again – got my part-finished project pile down to ONE item (how’s your project pile going? hehe). Now I can totally copy you and make a pair of these trousers. 🙂

    • Well done, you! Now it’s me who doesn’t have that much time to sew. I still have loads of projects to finish!

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