A Fancy Everyday Blouse

IMG_1518Lovely Rachel aka House of Pinheiro designed a blouse pattern. A few years back Rachel made a pattern for  a dress Brasilia dress which was free to download from Etsy. I love that pattern as well hence I made it twice – with lace overlay blogged about here – and for a Halloween party with red inserts –  blogged about here. This lovely blouse pattern called Everyday Blouse which was produced by UpCraft Club

I used fabric that was left over from my Sugar Plum dress (Lolita Patterns), which I blogged about here. I decided that on top of making a FBA, I need to shorten the pattern between the bust and the shoulder by 1 cm. 

The instructions are really well made and accompanied by diagrams for each step. They were very easy to follow and for a beginner will be a god send, as it makes the construction very easy. I really love the neckline detail (shirring at the shoulder) What a clever idea! And the instructions to create it, are very straightforward. IMG_2703IMG_2565As I constructed the top, I have overlocked the raw edges of the fabric. except for the side with the zip (overlocked before) and neckline (cut down once the facing was added and understitched) to leave the inside with no raw edges. IMG_2563IMG_2708IMG_2568Although not needed, I used zip for the side seam. I can put it on without having to unzip it. However, I like the idea of having a zip there. Gives it a little edge! IMG_2567IMG_2573IMG_2705As you probably figured it by now, I made two Everyday Blouses. On my second one I decided to skip the vent on both sides, left it only on the zipper side, for obvious reasons. I also decided to do a double topstitch line, on the hems (including the sleeves). IMG_2704Wearing the first top made it clear for me that I was not necessary to shorten the top between the bust and shoulder, so when I made my second one I added that back into the pattern. IMG_2592IMG_2598IMG_2612IMG_2601IMG_2817 As the fabric on my second Everyday Blouse is a bit more stiff it does not look that great. However, it does fit better and I think I’ll be wearing it more with high-waisted trousers or skirts, or I’ll try a belt to give myself a waist in it. Maybe this way I won’t look like I am pregnant. IMG_2816



  1. Thank you Linda! I feel this way of approaching seams gives them a more profesional finish inside. 🙂 That’s what I am hoping to that with time it will go a bit softer.

  2. I love your side zipper! I just might scoop that idea in my next top. It gives it a look of a bit of ruching but being a zipper gives it some style class too. Nice blouse! It does look like just the perfect pattern and I agree it’s just the sort of thing you reach for often.

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