The Return of the White Russian

IMG_1516This pattern White Russian, Capital Chic Patterns  has become one of my Go-To patterns. I’ve already made a few versions of this and blogged about here and here, so I’ll keep this post short. This brings the total number of items I made with this pattern to five. Also, this is the first project I am blogging about on the same day I finished it. Ha! Someone is a bit to eager!

I’ve used leftover fabric form my stash. Ever since I made my Kathrine Trousers for White Tree Fabrics I had some see-through fabric left which I did not want to part with. I’ve been thinking of making this version for a long time, just not really got on with it, until I decided to tidy up my hidden fabric stash and bought a new trolley with loads of draws, were I decided to put my current or get supplies for new projects, together in one place. I know it looks like a hairdresser’s station, but I do not care!IMG_1066  I used purple jersey fabric as a base for the top. The see-through fabric was used only for the front and back bodice. I have done the whole construction on my overlocker. It took me about one hour to put it together. Yes! It actually took me longer to cut the pieces. IMG_2804IMG_2811IMG_2814I do find the cuffs a bit to large. This means I will mostly wearing it with sleeves pushed up the arm.  Maybe next time I need to shave off about 1 cm from the width.  Also An idea is to use proper ribbing fabric on them. Just I only have it in back and do not fancy buying more, as I believe it might be an impossible mission to fact ribbing that matches my fabric exactly. So its worth considering contrasting ribbing as I have done in the past.IMG_2689IMG_2693 And believe it or not, I have the feeling I shall be making a few more of these tops, just not sure when. Can’t beat such a fast construction!



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