Meet Lottie Anderson blouse


Ever since I made my first Lottie blouse  (blogged about here) from SimpleSew Patterns, pattern that I got with my Love Sewing subscription, I wanted to make another. The only issue was that I was not over joyed with the sleeve. I felt that the three quarter sleeve that comes with the pattern does not go with my style.

After making the Anderson blouse (which I blogged about here) from Sew Over it I decided that the sleeves on this pattern would compliment the bodice on the Lottie blouse bodice.  Then the issue was finding the fabric. In the end I settled on the Liberty fabric I bought from WhiteTree Fabrics after seeing it featured by them on Twitter. It is a Liberty Art fabric – Travelling Threads A (cotton 100%)  which it is still available to buy if you fancy some of it as well.

After making the first top and other more fitted patterns from SimpleSew Patterns I realised that I have to lengthen the bodice pieces  the just above the bust by about 3 cm so that the bust falls in the right place on me. So, I traced new pieces to account for this. I already did a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) with my first version. I also lengthened the ties as well by about 10 cm. IMG_2276Construction wise, nothing was new from the first time I made both blouses, I only checked the drawings to make sure I am using the same order. I used French seams on all seams, including the sleeve. I felt that this will give the best finish on the inside, because the fabric is quite light. IMG_2287IMG_2289 I decided not to make a buttonhole on the sleeve cuff, as I find that I can slide my hand in without having to open it and felt I might ruin it by adding a buttonhole on such a light fabric. I only added a button to mimic it. I think next time I make this sleeve, I will take out the opening completely.  IMG_2279 To add the tie to the bodice, I skipped a step by pressing the seam allowance in on both sides (outside and inside) and then sandwiched the neckline in between and run through he machine once. IMG_2284Then I felt like adding a little V so, I pinched the centre front fold and added a few stitched to create the V. IMG_2280For the hem, I pressed in 1cm and then again and used the 1 cm guide to stich it in place. IMG_2291I am very  pleased with the result. The bust dart now feels a bit to low, so maybe next time I lower it I’ll only add 2.5 cm to the pattern rather than 3 cm.  I’ve already wore it a couple of times and I received many compliments.

This is me messing about with the camera, or to be more exact with the remote control. Ha ha! IMG_2295IMG_2296IMG_2372IMG_2311IMG_2310 I think I will wear this top tucked in pants or skirts most of the time. And now I do not have to worry that it will come out, even if I do not wear a high waist bottom. So happy days. I will for sure make some more of these tops. They are perfect for office wear as well.

And before I forget, this fabric was also on Gemma’s The ‘Use It Up’ fabric challenge she set me. So far I think I am doing well. I can actually think I will manage to finish this challenge in the 6 months she gave me. 



  1. This is a such a lovely blouse, I really like the fabric you used as usually I see dark versions of this blouse and it looks much lighter. The sleeves are amazing too, great idea

    • Thank you. Yes, there are a lot of darker versions out there, just felt that s light fabric would look nice too. For me this style of sleeves look better with the rest of the top.

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