Another #SimplicitySewingChallenge project

IMG_1446There should not be any surprise that I’ve made another project for this years #SimplicitySewingChallenge. Initially, I wanted to make this dress, but because I thought I might not finish it in time (as if four months is not enough) and to make a simple project, I started with the vintage top I blogged about here

As you probably know I got my patterns, during the The Big Simplicity Blog Meet in Manchester, when May Martin launched the competition. If you wish to join in you  can still do so, please contact simplicity and tell them which section you wish to participate and they will send you the pattern or patterns. You have until 31 August 2016 to submit your entries. You don’t have to have a blog to participate in this competition.

As this is an Amazing Fit pattern (Simplicity 1458), it has separate pattern pieces for different cups and body shapes. After carefully (used here loosely-skim reading) checking the finished garment measurements  I decided that although I’d be a bust size 14 and a C-cup, to cut the pieces for size 12 cup B slim fit. This is also partly due to the fact that Simplicity patterns have a lot of ease and anything I make using my real size looks to big on me.

Ever since I saw the pattern envelope I had a colour blocking image of it in my head. In the end, I settled for this lace overlay fabric with plain black. Both pieces were already in my stash, but if I remember correctly I got the both from the now famous local Abakhan store. The only item I bought was the zipper. As usual for Simplicity patterns I shortened the pattern between the shoulder and bust by 3 cm, lengthened it between waist and hip and then shortened it again so the hem hits above the knees.

This was also the first time I used an Amazing Fit pattern so I followed the pattern suggestion to add a 2.5 cm seam for the side seams. I thought that due to me going one size down on the but it might affect the fit and it was better to have enough to let it out if  I need to.

Again, I did not really follow the instructions. Although there are plenty of pieces they go together easily, no major  drama going on. I also choose to not finish the sleeves as suggested in the pattern. One, I think with the lace panels there is to much going on, and two, I did not have the patience to sew them and then carefully snip the fabric to  create the V-shape. The seams were finished on the over locker. IMG_2131IMG_2130First I thought of using bias binding to use the neck line, but then I remembered that last time I did this with a zip, I messed it up and didn’t like it much. As this decision came after I traced my pieces (I always trace my patterns) I had to dig out the paper pattern again to trace the facing pieces. To make sure it stays inside, I under stitched it as well. IMG_2129 I still do not know what possessed me to get a gold invisible zip?! From the beginning, while planning the panels, I intended to make the centre back in plain back (you know no need, then, to match the pattern on the fabric across the zip and I think it makes it more interesting as a garment as each panel is attached to the next one that’s in a different fabric, except for the centre back seam and the sleeves in the back . IMG_2139 To put the zip in, I have used fabric glue, knit superfine fusible interfacing and my special foot. Such a breeze with these little tricks. IMG_2134 Initially, I have sewn the side seam at 1.5 cm even if I had 2.5 cm. When I tried the dress on it felt a bit to large,  so I went on and sew it on with the recommended seam. For my next make I think I’ll just trim the excess seam allowance of the paper pattern.  After sewing the side seam I overlocked it trimming of the excess. IMG_2137Without further ado, here are a few pictures of me wearing my new dress. I wore it a few times  already and I love it. I also got a few compliments on it and I have even been asked where I bought it from. Ha Ha! I do not have to tell you my answer. SmileIMG_2215IMG_2220IMG_2207IMG_2224I love this dress so much that I am thinking of making another one. But this time I will add piping in the seams and use a plain colour and possibly no sleeves and add the collar. I like to show of the lines of the design. I feel that any patterned fabric takes away from this, if no piping is added,  as you would not be able to see the lines. But that is just me.   And if you made this far, I am really grateful for your time as this one again turned out to be a long one.



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