Here comes my 2nd Anna

IMG_1426Ever since I made my first Anna (blogged  about here) I wanted to make another one. Preferably the maxi version with the slit at the front. To be fair, that’s the first version I wanted to make in the first place, but I was not sure about the fit of this pattern and I did not want to waste the fabric if it all went tits up.

I finally managed to do this a few months back. Yes I am a bit behind with sharing my makes. I am not very good at taking pictures of my makes once they are ready. I also tend to take them in bulk as well.  But let’s not go astray.

I got my fabric from Abakhan, were else? It is a cotton blend, I think. You know I don’t really know fabric names, I just know it feels soft and it’s nice to work with. All I need to know to be fair!

For this version, I re-cut the bodice pieces in size 12, same size as the skirt pieces and did a FBA (of 0.5 cm) to accommodate my bust. Because the dress was so long, I have cut the V-neck version, to show a bit more flesh. Way tooooo… covered up, otherwise. Because I am so short and having to shorten the skirt, I managed to make the skirt out of 3 m of fabric. I did not follow the pattern pieces placing suggested in the instructions.

I used French seams on all seams except for the split seam and the centre back one. These seams were finished on the overlocker.  I did not really used the instructions this time, only skimmed through diagrams to make sure there isn’t anything I need to know, before I made a mistake and needed to unpick the darn thing. IMG_1953IMG_1957IMG_1958IMG_1960  I am very pleased with this second make. I do, however, need to  shave of a bit of the centre back (about 1 cm) at the neckline as it is still gaping a little. IMG_2040IMG_2039IMG_2047IMG_2056IMG_2061 Do you have any patterns you feel inspired to sew over and over again? I’d love to hear what are your favourite patterns.



  1. This dress looks fantastic on you, I love the design it’s so flattering, I haven’t made this dress in a while so might have to dig it out. I think more sun would help me want to make dresses!

    • Thank you! I know what you mean about the weather. I try not to let it dictate want I make. I’d never make dresses otherwise.

  2. Lovely dress – and it looks lovely on you! I keep making the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt over and over again. I pretty much use the pattern as my skirt sloper and add things on and take them off and change the length and the fabrics – if that makes any sense! Nice work with the insides of your dress too!

    • Thank you! I’ve never made that skirt. But for me skirt wise it’s Manhattan skirt from Capital Chic Patterns I find myself making over and over again. I’m on my 4th one and already planned another 🤓

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