Marfy–cropped top


For a long time, I have been playing with the idea of making a Marfy pattern. But, there are so many options and it is so hard to decide which patterns to pick. At the same time, I was worried that these patterns come without instructions.  So I avoided taking the plunge until recently, when I ordered the catalogue for 2015-2016 (or issue 93), which comes with 10 free multi-size pattern. Well, you know me, I love a few free patterns :). 

As I never worked with Marfy patterns, for my first make I chose pattern #3863, which is a simple straight cut boat-neck top.  Based on my measurements I cut a size 44, and made no changes. I wanted to see how it fits without adjustments. Although, Marfy  patterns are drafted for a person 1.65 m tall, I did not adjust the length of the top as I did not want it to sit too high on the body.

It was quite easy to make. For such a basic top I did not need instructions. To make it I used left over fabric (cotton although pattern asks for jersey, voile or lace).  To finish the neckline, armholes and hem I used bias tape I made before from some left over fabric while testing my bias tape maker. IMG_0645I am happy with the fit. It seems I will not need to make any changes to Marfy patterns at least in the bodice area. This is another top that I will probably wear with high wasted garments. Luckily I have a few skirts and pants that fit the bill. IMG_1789IMG_1779I also tried few crazy moves to see how much flesh I would show if I decide to go dancing wearing this top (Sorry for the face poses Sad smile) IMG_1793IMG_1774For my next version, I will surely make it a bit longer and maybe use some jersey or a fabric that has a little more drape. And if using lace or voile will need to line it instead.   As it is so fast to make, it does not require much fabric. I used less than 0.5 m, considering I used bias tape to finish the edges as well as the hem.



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