#TheHunterTankTop–tester version

IMG_1410I am a bit late with sharing this with you. Last month Jennifer from Jennifer Lauren Handmade launched her last pattern Hunter Tank Top. I was lucky she picked me as one of the testers for this little pattern.

Usually I avoid wearing cropped tops. I don’t have a flat stomach and I hate showing my midsection to the world or glancing at it in the mirror. 

This was a very easy project to make. I used a very light cotton which I got from my local Abakhan . I did not make any changes to the pattern, i cut a straight size 10. Being pretty short myself, I did not want to make the top even shorter, due to the top being cropped already. 

The pattern requires cutting the pieces on the bias. To give an accurate feedback, I used the instructions that came with the pattern.  As a result I did not stay-stich the pieces after cutting, and in the end the centre front stretched a little out of shape.  

Experience taught me that when working on the bias it’s best to stay-stitch each piece to avoid stretch out of shape. Yes, it’s time consuming, but you will end up with a better finish. I am only saying this because the instructions for this top do not advise you to do so, even in the final draft.

The instructions are very good in guiding one to make the top, so even e beginner can easily make this. Pretty straightforward in explaining how to do the rolled hem with a normal zigzag foot, no need to use the rolled hemmer foot. Although time consuming, I prefer the technique as explained by Jennifer.  I got a better result doing this, rather than using my rolled hemmer foot.

I used the French Seam technique for all seams except for the centre front, where for the ties I used the rolled hem as per instructions. The neckline and armholes are finished with bias tape.

Since making it, the finished pattern is a bit longer and Jennifer  lengthened the ties . Also she added a lengthen line in case one wants to make them longer and to make it easier to tie them. IMG_1742IMG_1745IMG_1747IMG_1750 The I am quite happy with the fit. Not bad, straight from the envelope.

Like I said this is not really the sort of top I tend to wear, but it was fun making it. If I wear it I will always chose to wear it with  high wasted pants like this the pictures in this post or maybe over a figure hugging stretch dress.



  1. I’m with you on wearing the cropped fashion, it’s not flattering for me but the ties look a better way of doing it the look, it’s a great make and hope you get to wear it

    • Well I’ve tried crop tops but I feel that one needs a bit of perfect body for that or be really slim. I am neighter. But ever so often I’ll wear one.

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