Wrap Skirt Saga–Another Skirt Made


So the Wrap Skirt saga continues. The first skirt I blogged about here.

Usually I don’t really use ready made items to inspire my makes. But when I saw a Karen Millen skirt image I found on Pintrest I just could not find myself form thinking of making something similar.

Karen Millen Shiny tweed separates:


It started with the picture below. I only have the link from Pintrest as it is no longer on Karen Millen’s website.  I did not really fancy making a pattern myself for it, though I do not think it would be to hard, but it would have involved making some muslins and I am not a big fan of them.

Then I saw the cover of issue 3 for Sewing Made Simple  and thought to myself I can make it work and adapt that pattern to mimic the Karen Millen skirt.

Although I don’t really like what they have done with the skirt in the magasine (have you seen than pocket? What  were they thinking?, I could see past it a lot of potential.

Anyhow, I made size 8, which still turned out to large. Not sure why they  chose to start as  size 8 with a waist of 29.5 inches, usually that’s a size 14 or 16. So, I assumed they  meant to say finished garment measurements. Also I thought to make the skirt more like the skirt that inspired me what if I used for the facing contrasting fabric and sewing on the right side of the fabric. And my skirt was in the making! IMG_1551As you can imagine, I left the pocket out, It would have ruined my skit. Totally not necessary. Also, they  could have Thought of a more flattering shape or even consider inseam pockets. 

For the topstitching on the right side I changed my thread to red, for a more professional finish. IMG_1552IMG_1561IMG_1562To match the facing, I used red bias tape to finish the hem.IMG_1557It was a bit of a debate in my head what colour buttons to use, but the blue ones won in the end. IMG_1555I find the skirt on the large side so it does not sit on my waist. I might have to shorten it a bit. but I am quite happy with  the result. IMG_1624IMG_1615IMG_1621                The skirt even saw some snow! You know on that one day in March! LOLIMG_5883


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