Little Basic sleeveless blouse


It’s almost a year since I went on holiday to Barcelona and got this small piece of fabric. I only got 1 metre of it. So what  to make was a hard decision. In the end I made this little top, using the pattern that Gemma lent me. I did not need the instructions because the top is a basic one. Considering I have been sewing for quite a while now I am quite confident I can make simple stuff without needed extra help from instructions.

Following my discovery that my body frame is an exact match for the standard slope used by Burda Young, as I mentioned on my Drindl blog posts here and here, I made no changes to the pattern and it fits perfectly.  Also with this top because there was no room for error, I decided to develop my on technique to add the invisible zip but doing it in two extra stages. and that’s how I got perfect invisible zip, what’s actually invisible! Pat on the back! IMG_1644IMG_1640IMG_1643In hindsight, maybe I should have thought about pattern-matching the centre back line a little, for a truly invisible zip. But did not have that much fabric in the first place.

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you probably know that I prefer using bias tape to finish neck or armhole edges, rather than facings. So I did so with this top, by using red bias tape I already had in my stash. IMG_1642IMG_1638IMG_1645As expected the fit was perfect. Now you’ll understand why I prefer more fitted garments. LOL No surprise I shall be making a few more in the future. Once I manage to  get on top of my looong list of other projects I want to make. IMG_1594IMG_1592IMG_1599IMG_1598



    • Only after I sewed it in. But starting about 5 cm from top and then going back to stitch that after helps.

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