Wrap Skirt Saga–a New Obsession

Wrap Skirt

While I was in London, over the Christmas holidays, I also met with fellow Romanians whom I’ve met in UK through our passion for sewing  – Geo – https://facutinsufragerie.wordpress.com/ and Alex  – http://sewrendipity.com/.  We had a good natter and went shopping on the now famous Goldhawk Road. There I got this piece of fabric for only a £5, from a remnant basket .  I think it is cotton satin (shiny and slippery on the outside and cotton like on the inside). The piece was quite small (think no more than 1.5m)but because of the print I knew I had to make something simple.  At this point I was happy I got issue 10 of Make it Today!  I chose to make the straight wrap dress  (view C) also because I tend to look better in straight or pencil style skirts due to my height. For this one I liked the idea of having pockets in it.

Due to the print on the fabric I did a little pattern matching, in the sense that I tried to keep  the darker part at the bottom.  I only used the instructions/diagrams to make sure I put the pockets in correctly as I could not get it my head just by looking at the pattern pieces.  For the raw edges that ended up being exposed I used the overlocker to finish them.  The rest I left them because I knew they will be hidden inside hems or facings. Other than this, there is not much to say about it. Because it was such as simple make, I took my time to finish it so  that it’s perfect inside out. I even hand stitched the hem facings  (close to the corner at the bottom) before I top stitched the hem and  then I did the same with the waist facing once the skirt was almost finished.  IMG_1446IMG_1445IMG_1449    The skirt does not look very impressive on the flat (if that is even an logical expression). IMG_1448IMG_1439IMG_1441

As I said, nothing much  to say about this make. It’s all in the little details,  for me. I also love the feel of the fabric. Think I want to work more with this type of fabric. So I might end up getting more. But until  then, I think I will try to shop my stash a bit more before actually buying more fabric, at least for now.



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