Simple Summer Tunic


Yes, I know we are no where near summer. But that will never stop me. I cannot plan my sewing and I do not tend to change my wardrobe for each  season either. Although I love clothes, I am not a fast fashion consumer nor do I follow fashion trends,  I just make what I like, when I feel like it. Then I just have to  wait until I can actually wear it. UPS.  Anyhow, this is just me rambling.

My lovely friend, Gemma – – lent me this pattern – Simplicity 1080 – Dottie Angel line.  For some reason in my head this patterns was a Lisette line one. Have no idea why! At first I could not understand why I could not find it by searching the Lisette patterns.  Doh! How silly of me . I needed to get the pattern number for this blog post, so had to Google it!   I liked the pattern since it came out, but felt it is a little to simple to warrant me to dish out my money (also I already have so many patterns – not that would stop me).  I only fancied making the tunic version of this pattern – view B. I don’t think the dress suits me and I do find it a bit to shabby chic.  Possibly because of the fabric choices used to illustrate the pattern on the envelope.

I only used the instructions to figure out how the ties are added to the front.  I did not follow them, as the dress is very easy to make for me. This is a beginner friendly pattern. Has no closures, the fit is created by the ties.   To make it, I used one of the pieces of fabric I bought on my trip with Gemma at Leon’s in Manchester last year.

When I copied the pattern, I forgot to trace the pocket facing so, I had to improvise and created my own. Also I chose to make my own bias from self-fabric for the pockets and the neckline. IMG_1451IMG_1458  After putting the ties in, I felt they  were to high, which made the top a bit to tight on me in the bust area. I  lowered them by 5 cm. Now, I think  maybe they are too low, but I can not be bothered to change them again. I did change the placing on the paper pattern to 2.5cm as I think that’s a better placement and would make the finished dress look more like the one on the pattern envelope.  IMG_1452      Because I seem to prefer my garments to  be as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside, for the sides seams I pressed the seam allowance in  half and stitched it in place to hide the raw edges. I used bias tape to hide the shoulder seam raw edges. For the shoulders,  I did not feel like cutting more bias from the self fabric, so I used some ready made one that I had in my bias tape box. IMG_1460IMG_1454IMG_1457  It is a lovely top. Not much  fitting needed as its not a fitted garment. Its easy to  wear and perfect for summer days or  even spring (if its warm outside. In England I won’t hold my breath that this will be the case). I think that when I make my next one, I will make the armhole a little smaller. My bra is peaking from behind it. IMG_1393IMG_1395IMG_1392

Will I make it again for myself?  Maybe.  One of my friends loves it, and I was convinced to make her one as well. Better start on it soon as summer will be upon us in no time!


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