Drindl–Making A Bavarian Dress–part two

IMG_1136Following up from last post this time I will talk a little about the apron I made for my drindl.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you might know that a couple of years ago I started a little Christmas tradition for myself.  Check out my previous year’s makes here and here.  For last year I wanted to make a pair of trousers using my basic trouser block that I made while on a course in Manchester at Ministry of Craft with Gemma – https://mustachioedthreads.wordpress.com/ .

Suffice to say that I am on my third version and I am still quite not happy about how  my trousers fit. I am still working on the pattern. I sensed this might be the case, so I had a backup plan. 

When on a trip to my local fabric store, I just fell in love with this cute penguins’ fabric. I just had to have it. In realty it does not really go with my drindl dress – blogged about here – but the fabric was perfect for an apron and it was on sale. So my backup Christmas make for 2015 was this lovely apron.  IMG_1490   The original pattern only requires cutting 2 pieces for the ties. But I felt that it would look more professional if  I cut 4 ties, even though this meant they would be more bulky. However this meant no hemming them. I didn’t really follow the instructions, just glanced at the diagrams. So  there is not much  to say about it. IMG_1489  Oh, remember I was saying the other day that I added buttons on the front waist to help secure the apron, so it does not move around?  Well on the apron I added a little bit of elastic. I made the loops a little to long, but they do their job. IMG_1487             The hem as simple as:  turn once and then again and stich. Just because I could I stitched two rows on the hem. Just look at those perfect stiches! IMG_1488  I kind of lost interest. This means I did not make the drindl blouse yet. I have the pattern ready to  cut into it. Just being lazy, knowing that I already have another drindl blouse I can use.  Joys of ready made  clothing. So below is the top from my other drindl. I did not make it myself. IMG_1481IMG_1483IMG_1484

As I mentioned in my last  post, I think I will use the bodice pattern  to make a couple of vests . The fit is sensational on me, or so I believe. I think I love Burda’s  Young collection of patterns. So what is intended for teenagers! I can certainly behave like one if I have to. Ha Ha. 



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