Falling in love with making slips–Butterick 6031

For a long time now, I fancied making my own under-wear (not bras, I am not ready for that one, yet) slips, knickers that sort of stuff.  I finally took the plunge after seeing Gertie’s Butterick patterns – B6031, from a couple of years ago. It looks really cute! But I had an issue, I was not sure what fabric to pick for it. I am not the best at knowing fabrics by their names (I usually buy fabric by the feel I get when I touch it) so the suggestions on what fabric to use was not a great help to me.  However, this did not stop me. I just jumped at the idea of buying one of the kits that Gertie put together and sold in her Etsy store a couple of years ago.  I went on with  the red and black kit, the  yellow and white kit was not really my thing.

As I did not want to ruin the fabric that came in the kit and to test the fit before, I used some fabric I bought with Gemma (she instigated it, usually its me Smile instigating fabric shopping). I even did a little pattern matching on the bottom front and back so the horizontal line was not broken. 

I chose to make a top version, view B, first. I followed the instructions an cut a C cup for the upper front.  Usually I avoid jersey or double stretch fabrics because they move a lot while working with  then and I cannot always use my overlocker with them.  To sort this problem (not being able to use the overlocker) I reduced the seam allowance from 1.5cm to 6mm. For the top I used the strap supplies given in the kit. Did not have time to go buy new ones and black went prefect with the fabric I chose for the top. I did know before I used them up, that I wanted my red fabric to be used with red lace and trims.  Once I started making the  top, I realised that waiting over a year to use the kit was really silly of me. The instructions are well put together and easy to follow, though I used more the diagrams, to be fair.  I think it’s awesome to use the lace as the hem. I did not have to worry about a wavy hem. It is a tad wasteful on fabric though, as you need to  cut off the excess fabric.  As you can see in the pictures the sewing lines are not the best, but no one can  see that , the lace covers it all.   To make sure I don’t have accidents, I did two rows of zig-zag stitching. This was the point that I decided for my next make some overlocker work will be involved. To me this looks too unprofessional.    The top fitted well, but it is not perfect. The cup is a bit to big. This means the dart is sitting in the wrong position on the bust.  Therefore, I decided for my next make using this pattern, I would need to go down to  a cup B. Some of my cutting was horrible. But the lace covers it all, and hides all those sins.  I am using the top as a pyjama top for my test Carolyn pajama’s short pants (blogged about here). IMG_1113

For the red slip, like I said before, I re-traced a B cup (I  always trace my patterns – thinking of me changing sizes and  not wanting to buy more of the same pattern ,to  allow for changes  to  the patterns and knowing I can always go back to to the original if I mess it up). I also bought some red elastic (velvet)  and button shaped ribbon for the straps. Also because I did not wish to use the black strap plastic supplies (it would have looked weird) I had to order some silver ones from the internet, and wait for them to arrive.

The lace I used was to wide to use on the top of the cups, so I just folded it it in half and sew it over both layers. As the top needed to be stabilised with elastic (to make it invisible, I used clear elastic from my stash), that solved the issue of having it unfold.

I also changed the construction order a little. I decided to overlock together just one side and then add the the lace at the hem. And only then overlock the other side all the way down, through the lace.   I found it easier to construct the straps separately and then handstich them to the slip once ready. As I am only 5 feet 2 I also had to raise the hem by about 3 inches. IMG_1427IMG_1428  For obvious reasons I did not model this. But trust me when I say it is really flattering on me!  I can wear it as a nightie or as a slip under unlined dresses to avoid them to stick to me when I wear them.


As the pictures show, I made the straps a bit too long and will have to cut them shorter once the elastic gives.  I just ignored the pattern on the second go, I just eyeballed them when I cut. But this will not be too hard to fix, because I  hadstiched them in place. I only need to undo them at the back cut the excess and add them back. I am not doing it now, because the slip fits fine and I can not be bothered to do it. Later!

Do you  ever, know you have made some mistakes in what you  made, which you need to correct, but since the mistakes are not to obvious and the garment fits ok now, leave it ?



  1. Ooh, love that slinky red number! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while… I’ll have to check out that pattern! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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