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I have started making these pyjamas since I came back from holiday, in September. I somehow managed to make the pants.  Then  any other project that came along ended up pushing the pyjamas project aside. Until a few days ago, after I cut two more projects, I gave myself the ‘order’ to finish my pyjamas before I continue/start any other projects. All I had left to do on them was add the buttonholes, buttons and hem the tops! Easy peasy, isn’t it?

As the title suggests, the pattern is the Carolyn Pajama Pattern that Closet Case Patterns designed! I liked the idea of having pockets in the pants! Most patterns out there do  not include pockets for the pants! So what, they are pyjama pants!  A pocket or two are always welcome in my world! For some reason, I believed it will be hard to make the top! Wonder why? Initially, I intended to make just one set! There is no surprise there, as usually I purchase more fabric than I need. As a result I had some fabric left that I could use with  another fabric  and make a second set.  I already had the buttons! Amy – gave them to me as a birthday present last year. And they were  , exactly as many as I needed to make both tops!

I got the fabric on my first visit at Leon’s in Chorlton, Manchester. Its a bit far for me to  get there usually. But luckily, Gemma was nice and took me there! I tried to  convince her to get some of this cute fabric, but she was strong. I opted for the long sleeves top and long trouser version using the bobbin fabric and then used what was left of it to make the collar, pockets, waistband and cuffs for the short sleeve top and shorts. I used this in combination with the red fabric, I already had in my stash. IMG_0331    I already made trousers before, when I  made my wearable muslin, so I did not use the instructions for this too much. From what I remember the first time I made them , I only checked the diagrams. Making them up was easy! That’s how I managed to miss Heather Lou’s advice to adjust the waist band if using thinner elastic. Ups! Well that’s so typical for me, that I was not even surprised!  First pair went well , with  a little snip on my part on the front! Argh! Need to be more careful with those scissors! Well the story goes like this:  it seems it’s either me or the project that accidentally gets hurt! LOL  For the red pair I used a thinner elastic so I made the waistband slimmer as well. IMG_0115  Here are a few details of the two! On the long sleeved pair I used a fancy stich on the hems and pockets,  just to  use more of the machine’s stitches!IMG_1343   IMG_1345  In making the tops, I paid some attention to the instructions! Not sure, how I managed to  convince myself that making pyjama shirts must be hard! Heather Lou is making it seem so easy! Love her way of attaching the collard and making the hem up! No hand sewing needed!  Only used hand sewing to add the buttons on!

I used the overlocker to finish my seams! This was because I making two sets in one go and did not want to spend more time making the French seams, one of the suggestions in the instructions! IMG_1346      I made a few mistakes in  putting the pyjamas together, but the only obvious one is  how I managed to make one buttonhole too low! Darn! I only realised after I opened them! But not many people are going to see this! LOL Not that obvious in the pictures unless you  are looking for it! I dare you to find which one is out of place!  Gosh!I must have been half asleep!

IMG_1337    I would have shown you the back of this, but I was wearing back knickers and it looks odd.  I am not ready to share that picture online ! You just have to imagine how the back of it looks. IMG_1338I really like this pattern! Love both my new pyjamas and I feel there will be days when I will live in them, the whole day and night, that is! Who can blame me? If they do, they do not have a set that’s so cosy and comfortable.

Oh and before I forget, I have only adjusted the length of the sleeves and the pants! Had to cut a fair bit of! Well I cannot help it if I am so small ! Only 5 feet 2! IMG_1321IMG_1328IMG_1324

Now that I have seen how easy they are to make, I will for sure attempt to make them in silk or satin with piping as well, I am just not sure when! I have a super large list of other stuff I want to make, and for now I have enough pyjama sets!



    • Thanks! Thought the red was the best in using with the spools fabric! Couldn’t myself from buying it! Besides I did want to make a set of pyjamas for a while now!

  1. Looking great, both of them! It’s on my to sew list since forever!! I have this beautiful sari silk from Nee bee and i can’t wait to feel pampered in it. But now the Clare coat skipped the queue and I want to take part in the sew along.

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