Accent Tiny Pocket Tank!


Some time ago I got this awesome fabric at Abakhan, local store as usual, which just said pick me! You  want me….! And you know me, I am not one to leave fabric behind even if I don’t know what I will make with it!  I did search for more in their fabric by weight bins for more like a mad woman, and even asked if they  have more somewhere in the back! But no such luck!

It was such a tiny piece, that only one side could be cut on the fold. But did that stop me?  On no! now way! I knew it had to  be something I made before! I could not risk having a fail on this, as no more fabric to start again! So I picked the Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studios.  I have made one before – here –   This time I decided to go with the original neckline as I felt, it will sit better that my attempt to raise it!

As I did not have enough fabric to cut both front and back, I cut 2 backs but added seam 1.5cm seam allowance from  the fold line on the pattern,  and did a French seams all over! Just to give it a professional finish! You  cannot even tell on the back  the there is a seam there, unless you stare or you know because I told you! LOL

Because it was way to much black, I thought that a little colour would not be bad! And with  the suggestion from Carmen – (the winner of the French Version of GBSB – season 1) I went with the red pocket and only bound the neckline with red bias tape  on the right side! As I was not in the mood to do the hem by turning twice, I just used my bias tape (that I make myself, using my bias tape maker machine Smile).  Excuse the pictures, I could not contain my eagerness to take pictures not even when I was on the phone ! So there are a few funny poses! But you  can see better how the top fits!


Love this little Tiny pocket thank! Quick make and it does not take much  fabric either! And you  can play around with bias tape and the pocket! Use them with contrast fabrics or not! put the bias tape on the  outside or inside! Use it outside on neckline only or armholes or on the hem only!


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