Renfrew – the dress

IMG_1068Ever since I made my first Renfrew I knew there will be more than one in different versions!

This time, before I started cutting my fabric I decided to make my seam allowance as small as 0.6cm/ 1/4” so I can use my overlocker for most of the construction.

And before I forget, the fabric I used is one of the pieces from my recent trip to Romania. It is a one way knit and that’s all I know about it. But it feels nice and its sparkly! Spoken like a true expert! Ha ha.  I managed to  find the shop by mistake! It was actually from a dressmaker’s shop! I did not even wash the fabric before! Bad! Bad! I know, but I could not wait!

Originally I was supposed to used this fabric to make a top, but I liked the idea of making a dress, so when I cut my fabric I added about 50cm /48”from the waist down including hem allowance. And just cut! the constructions went easy! I only glanced at the instructions to see how the cowl neck was attached, before I messed it up ! No more fabric and not easy to get hold of! Did I mention I love my overlocker/Serger? Well you all know it now! It was so fast to construct! And the dress it cute!

For the shoulder seam to make sure it holds its shape  I used a small piece of twill tape to give it strength!  IMG_1260   As you can see in the following picture for the hem I used some woven stay tape to keep the hem from making waves as I sewed it together!  The hem was the only top stitching I did on this project! One to save time and every thing seems to  stay in place after  a good press! IMG_1263IMG_1264  Ever since I made this dress I live in it! So grateful for homeworking! I can wear this as many days in a row as I want! And don’t worry I won’t wait until it gets to smelly to wash  it! Will have to get back to you  if washing had un-wanted effects! LOL! Would serve me well, wouldn’t it? 

I could not help myself, being in a good mood! I took some silly pictures! I swear I do not go out with my headphones on! I was listening to music and could not be bothered to bring my laptop down! So I put to good use my  wireless headphones! That’s why I got them! So I can roam the house without having to take them of! And the 3D glasses were there to add to the silliness.  ‘Who let the dogs out?’ Wait maybe that’s s why the cat got scared of me while taking these pictures! Dah…! 


All the silly poses aside, this dress is one of my favourites now! Comes together really fast! So easy to wear in the house or outside! With this fabric as it is a bit see through, I have to wear leggings or dark tights!But here in England there isn’t much sun anyway! So no more issues there! In these pictures I do wear a bet as well, however so far around the house it was much confortable to wear without one! 



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