The Ultimate Wrap Dress- Sew Over It

white ultimate wrap

For a long time, I resisted buying patterns from Sew Over It! This was because I thought , I already have something in my stash that is similar! No need to buy more! Then I made the top  from Sew Over It Vintage and the beautiful makes made by others just won me over! For a long time I wanted a wrap dress! Now I made two!

My one of my friends is getting married and for her hen party we have a theme  and we have to dress up, as nurses! That will be a party to remember!  As usual because I want to get more than one wear out of my makes, I decided to go for something that is not too much of a costume and can be worn on different occasions!  I also did not want to buy new fabric for it! That was before I ended up at the local Abakhan’s and bought some! He, he, I think the intention counts, don’t you think?

As usual, rather than try a muslin, considering Sew Over It patterns are new to me, I carried on and made the first dress out of the cream scuba fabric I bought! I thought I am using stretch fabric, the dress will fit me fine! How wrong was I!   IMG_1236     The bodice is way to long between bust and shoulder! Which means I risk flashing my boobs! In this picture I carefully wrapped it! I also added some clear elastic to make it rise a bit! But I am not too happy with  it! IMG_1242   So I have shortened the pattern between the armscye and bust by 3cm! Usually I need to do an FBA but in this case I was ok! Just needed to re-draw the lines on the front and adjust the front facings as well. I took advantage of this and I also shortened the sleeves as well!

By this time I had my Evrika moment and for the second dress I made it on the overlocker except for the hemming and top-stitching for which I used my sewing machine!   I also felt that the facing is flapping about to much and although I topstitched it in place it was still not right, so I ended up trimming it off on both dresses! On my second dress I also top-stitched the ties! They look better to me!  IMG_1191 On one of the dresses I used the twin needle, and on the other I used a zig-zag stitch!IMG_1196   My second make fits me so much better as I am not trying to compensate for the fact the bodice is too long! I already decided to make more of these dresses! On next makes I will make the ties in contrasting fabric as well!  IMG_1213IMG_1219IMG_1228  Hopefully this time I have learnt my lesson!  Second fabric is a bit to see through for me! Great dress to wear in! But the plan is make more, many more! Already have a few fabrics that will work well with this pattern! 

I did did not mention  the instructions, because I did not use them! The pattern is very simple, yet versatile!



  1. Hi, Thanks for your post about the wrap dress and the facing and front being too low, I am finding that too, I am about to adjust what I have just made using your suggestions. Cutting the facing off which is just poking out all the time and raising the shoulders! thanks heaps!

  2. Hello! Love you’re two versions. I’ve been thinking about making this dress in a scuba fabric too. Did you find that using scuba was different than the version with a regular jersey? I can’t tell how much the pattern relies on the stretch in the fabric!

    • I’d go 1 size bigger, find the scuba clings to my body and shows off all the flabby bits I want to hide. Otherwise it was fine. And there was need to hem the sleeve. Also use some stabiliser if you hem or use use the triple zigzag ( unless you are a lucky one that has a coverstitch machine ) x

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