Bags, Bags–no 2–The Orton Variations


Once I made the free pattern  on the Merchant & Mills site – The Orton Bag, and realised it is huge! I decided to make some smaller versions to give as gifts.

The first version is very handy when I go shopping! I can fit a lot of stuff in it! and because the curtain fabric that I used for it is very light, it folds small so I can carry it in my handbag!

As it was close to my mum’s birth I wanted to make her something, on top of the present she will get once we go back home for a visit!  I thought that The Orton Bag was just perfect! At the same time my friend from London also asked for one! So I was set to make another two of these lovely bags!

For the one I make for my friend I used her measurements to make it! It was easy  peasy! For my mum/’s bag I decided to use soft furnishings fabrics and add a pocket out of cotton to match  the facings (which was left over fabric from the piece I got from Ooobop! Like on the first version I chose to hand stitch the facings so they do not flap about! And I also made the straps my way! As I like the bulk to be uniform I just cut the straps wider! On the tougher fabric which is not fraying much, I cut 3 times the width of the finished strap  and folded in 3 and then topstitched! On my friend’s bag it was 4 times the width. I also feel the  straps are more durable using one of these ways to  put together! IMG_1162IMG_1155     For my friend’s bag, I forgot to take pictures of the details! I only have two pictures from when I was taking pictures for my fist make from Sew Over it. IMG_1131IMG_1128

I think the smaller bags look nicer! I will probably make another  few! Great as presents for friends! I really do have to start thinking about stuff to make for my male friends and family! They will feel  left aside with some many present for the girls! He, he!


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