Summer White Russian

white russian shortI finally crossed this one from my never ending sew list! Summer is almost over! But I hope I will still manage to wear my new White Russian from the  Summer 2014 collection of Capital Chic Patterns.

I have been meaning to make a short sleeved one for ages, but did not get round to it until now! I have used the left over fabric I hot last year from Claire  – Sew Dixie Lov . I had just enough left to make this one.

There is not much to say about this one! Pretty much straight forward. I did not use the instructions to much as I already knew what I needed to  do! Did not take too long to make it! IMG_1247IMG_1243The only thing I did differently than the instructions was to bling stitch  the hem on the sleeves by hand all the way around! The instructions suggest only a few stitched in a few spots to  keep it in place!But  I felt that it will be more secure. It did not feel to me that it will stay in place, with only a few stiches in a few places. And no one can see my hand stitching anyway! IMG_1253  I  also  did some stitching with the double needle! I  am not too happy with it, because the paint on the fabric caused me some trouble and I just gave up and did not start again. Because I used grey thread it is not to noticeable! And no tissue paper and waking foot did not do the trick!  (Later I have seen on a Spanish website a trick to make it easier is to used overlocker thread in the bobbin! I will try this next time see if it helps!) IMG_1252  After making this T-shirt I had an Evrika moment! It finally ‘hit me’ how to mainly use my serger/ overlocker to make my knit projects!  Usually I only use it to finish the seams! This is because if I try to use it to cut a seam allowance as well, it chews up the  fabric leaving an ugly seam, especially on knot fabric! It came to me that I can cut the seam allowance to match  the one on the overlocker! and voila! I mean how simple it that?  My seams are finished at the same time as being stitched together! I am know working through my patterns that are for stretch fabrics reducing the seam allowance to 0.6 cm!

I so love sewing! I always learn something I did not know before!


  1. That’s one hell of a blind stitch, my invisible hems are never that neat!
    I had the same issues with my overlocker, the knives are probably blunt and/or misaligned.

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