Bags, Bags–no 1

IMG_1174When I could not go to the Abakhan’s Secret Sale in July, could not stop myself from going to my, famous already, local store. There I met Maggie who was  doing an Sewing demonstration by making a tote bag following a tutorial by Debbie Shore. Good thing, because it saved me some money! Best thing,  for my wallet at least,  when in a fabric shop is to find someone to chat to. It seems I cannot look at fabric and talk about  sewing at the same time! Ha ha!

But to get on with it, I got inspired by Maggie’s tote bag and found some lovely fabric in their curtain section that I decided would be great! I am happy to announce that I have used all the fabric to make bags!All  8 of them. Indeed! I just got carried away and wanted to see how  many bags i can get out of the fabric.  I just read through the instructions and carried on! For the lining I used muslin already in may stash and some bias tape with crocheted edge I got from Rachel – – in a gift exchange.

I made  the bags in stages and in bulk! The one thing I did to differently was to make the straps by cutting 4 times the width iron then in half and then again so there are 4 layers! gives the straps more strength.  It seemed at one stage I was never going to finish! But here there are!  I played around with the fabrics and all the bags are different! Taking about custom made! LOLIMG_1175   I have totally impressed myself with  the quality of my work on these bags! I could easily sell them ! That’s  how good they are! And to prove it, following are some details: IMG_1176  And look  at that corner! Most of them are just like that, on all the bags! IMG_1179    I even use my newly designed labels! IMG_1183

These bags were really fun to make ! And I will sure make some more! different sizes and will add some pockets inside! Girls you already know what you are getting for Christmas! the surprise will be in the colours! LOL

Have you ever been carried away by a project and just made millions of the same?

I did it again But details will follow in the future I don’t want to make this post too long !  Besides I like to share one project at the time !  Ha ha!



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