My Thoughts on Making the Orton Bag

Orton Bag by Merchant and MillsI  have seen this bag around on the internet The one that convinced me was the picture posted on instagram by Julie, a French blogger – (here is the link to her post about the bag both in French and English! And since a big bag is always handy! I decided it was about time to give it a go!

It all started with me not being able to go to the Secret Sale at Abakhan in Mostyn.  I was itching to go, had to settle with a little trip to my local shop! When I got there Maggie was demonstrating a tote bag for Abakhan. So sad they cannot do classes in Bolton or Manchester! So, while chatting with her and the other ladies around I kind of decided to make some of them tote bags as well and wanted some fabric for them! Fount the perfect one in the curtain section!

I got two of the three variations on offer and by end of day all fabric was cut to make the bags, but more about them another time when I finish  them. IMG_0054

And  since I was still left with some fabric after that I decided that The Orton Bag, the free pattern/tutorial offered by Merchant and Mills was perfect!

I just followed the instructions on this one ! As some of you know I do not like flappy facings/corners so the only thing that I did different was to stich the finished corners in palace towards the side seams, like so: IMG_1110IMG_1111IMG_1112IMG_1113  This project is  a very fast one and super easy even for a beginner. Instructions are clear and you can adapt it to a different size if you feel the back is to big, or make it bigger if you fancy!

I even used my new sewing labels in this one! There are plenty of tutorial on the internet. So if you fancy making your own just do a search. I made the heat transfer ones. I already had the special paper needed iron on T-Shirt transfer paper – some supermarkets have them in their office supplies areas. IMG_1114

I think I will make this bag again, maybe a tad smaller for presents!  I am doing all these bags to avoid dealing with my hem on a circle skirt in chiffon! But  the deadline (wedding I will go to and plan wearing this skirt at) is fast approaching and will have to finish it soon! But until then, I will continue to be distracted by other projects.

Do you tend to start other projects to avoid finishing others too?


  1. I love the fabric and I do love a big tote, but this looks huge! Did I see pockets in one of you instagram picture? I can’t see any now, not sure if it’s the print.
    You could try a hand rolled hem on your chiffon skirt, I think it would come out better than any type of machine hem.

    • The reason Why one picture has pockets is because there are two different totes! The super big one and normal ones made in same fabric! 😀
      I will try the rolled hem! Just getting matching thread might be an issue because I want it to be practically invisible as its for a evening outfit! Luckily I have plenty of fabric scraps! Thanks for the suggestion

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