Animal Print–Drapey Dress #BeeMine

IMG_1039Now its time to continue with the #GBSB saga! Loved the one in the book – The Great British Sewing Bee Fashion with Fabric by Claire-Louise Hardy! (Maybe it was because it is blue!?) Well, you already know I love the whole book! Got a lot more of the projects in there lined up! 

Cant believe it looks so flattering in the pictures! It is not, so trust me! It a photography trick! No, no! It was not ‘photoshop-ped’! Think its because of how I have my hands in the pockets! Ha! Ha! Sorry for the headless pictures, bad hair day and I managed to position the camera to low. I was  way to  lazy to try again once I figured what I did!! Hope you don’t mind! Besides this is all about the dress and not me! LOL!

This time I got the fabric from Minerva Crafts online shop! Told you, I do buy fabric in other places too!  I made this dress after  Karen Ball – Did you make that?  – made hers (click here if you wish to have a look at her version. It’s awesome! love the way she worked the stripes! She advised to size down! She made hers in the size advised but it was way to big! So, I listened and made the  XS, although I am a size 12 according to the book sizing! I was not sorry, because I ended up sewing up a 2cm seam on the side seams, because I still felt the dress is way to big! Dah… It is supposed to anyway! I could even wear it when I will get pregnant! One day anyway! I followed the instructions in the book! (What?! did I just say that? Well yes!  I  did this time! That front pleat seemed a bit weird, so I decided to follow the instructions! IMG_1051   On this one I did not finish the seams because the knit fabric does not fray and I was not really in the mood! My overlocker does not like knit fabric! Hence, I decided not to stress it out, or  better said, not stressed myself out with it! 

For the hems I chose to use the double needle as instructed! It did not crumple much! So it looks good! IMG_1055drapey dress animal print  We made it to Barcelona as well! That’s how long ago I had the dress made up since! So see! It is now the most flattering of dresses for small people like me but it is comfy and perfect for the summer! I see the top making its way into existence in contrasting fabrics to show off the front pleat a bit!


Did you make any of the projects in the last #GBSB book? Leave me a link or post your pictures in the comments! I am curious to see some of your makes!


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