Too late to the party!–Simplicity Star Sewist!

IMG_1038A few months ago I spotted on Twitter a post from Simplicity & New Look blog  that was announcing a competition – Star Sewist –  with a deadline for end of May! I though Hmm sounds like a good opportunity to join in and for the first time try modify a pattern by more than just making fit adjustments!

Unfortunately, it took me longer to take the pictures than I thought and I missed the deadline! However I still want to share with you my make!

So I started thinking which of the sections I would enjoy making a project for! In the end I decided the Best Dressmaking Project was the best for me! This involved using as a base the NewLook 6145 pattern to do what ever one wanted to create a new garment.

I wanted to go with  something I would actually wear! And also because it was the first time I was making changes to a pattern, that did not involve fit, I thought the best it to keep it simple! I took the inspiration from the fabric I got while in Mostyn at a visit to Abakhan’s flagship store!( Gee you must think I am their biggest fan! all  this advertising for free! LOL). The fabric is Black with white martini glasses with olives in.

I decided to make the sleeveless version cut the front into two pieces, a little pocket for design purposes and in the back I used a silver metal black exposed zipper! I eyeballed where I wanted to cut the fabric! Pretty easy make! The pocket had to have a little triangular flap! I can put my ipod in it! I used bias tape to finish the neckline and armholes. For the back vent I used the instructions in  ‘Dressmaking step by step’ by Alison Smith! (got my little one from TkMaxx for just a fiver! PicMonkey Collage  I already wore it to work! And got a lot of compliments on it! No one commented on the fact I am walking around with glasses of Martini! He! He! I have plenty of fabric left to make some more stuff! I tend to always buy 2m when I don’t know what I am making! Ups! Probably that’s the reason why my fabric stash is so big! I don’t know yet what I am making! You know the saying ‘One day…!’newlook frontnew look side and back

Hope you like it to!

Now I am looking forward to see who wins the contest! So far I have seen some lovely makes! Will be hard decision for the judges!



  1. Well done, it looks really comfy and stylish! PS, having too much fabric i your stash is never a real problem, is it? 🙂

    • It is comfy! Thanks! No stash is not really a problem! One day each and every piece of fabric will become something nice! Just need to try and keep up with buying the fabric lol! 😎😝

    • Thanks Beth! For me its how the dresa came out! Hopefully next time will be in time for the deadline.

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