Jump! Jump! #jumpingintojune –another #RalphPink

Ralph Pink It all started with my big mouth!  I saw it on Amada’s blog – Sew Deputy ( click here if you want to have a look at her jumpsuit. She announced  the #jumpinginotjune (link takes you to the list of jumpsuits made june 2015) challenge started by Chris  – HandmadebyChris. So I said I’d join in!  I then bragged about it to Alex – Sewrendipity (click here to see Alex’s  version! Ups! I did set myself up for it really!

I almost backed out, but decided that I already promised to join in, and I have to keep my word. Don’t like backing out of stuff so, I pushed myself to do it and finish it in time for June. I actually finished it before the month started, just it takes me forever to take pictures! I am in need of a photographer! Anyone wants to offer?

Plenty of fabric to chose from my fabric stash!  I decided to make again the Ralph Pink jumpsuit (which is pattern 070) I made last year! I already had the pattern. Blogged about my first version here. Fabric as usual is from the local Abakhan store!

As my mum told me that on the first one the bodice was too long, I decided to listen to her and reduce the bodice between the waist and hips, but above the front fly! For the collar I just shortened it at the centre back line! Took  out in total 10cm.

While cutting it I decided that I will want to make another Onyx top from  the scraps which meant I would not have enough fabric to make the belt! No worries, as I ended up using  a belt from another project that ended up at the charity shop. IMG_1042   Also I knew from the first time I made it that I would need to do my button holes before I stitch the fly pieces into place (Not covered in the instructions – as these patterns are aimed at intermediate sewers) . But because I cut the interfacing wrong side up, I ended up this the wrong side up fly! Luckily at this stage, I decided to do what I usually do not do, I checked the instructions and realised it, before I had to use the unpick!  So happy I did! Guess someone is learning some lessons!fly front

Once I stitched the fly from facings on, I did my button holes! Which, for next time I make this jumpsuit, I will make my button holes before this stage! Already added a note to my instructions.  I did have a little trouble with the middle one! I was so eager to have them made up that I pressed as bit to hard on the pedal which in turn made my tread snap before it finished! bugger! But I have used a trick and no one else will know, except you of course.  I just sew the button on top and added and snap where the button should have been! and Voila!PicMonkey Collage (1)Another addition was to  add belt loops on each side seam in the waist area! That’s because I always lose them!This way they stay put and always together! IMG_1040
This time around! I did not have to stitch together the fly front! I can actually unbutton it! I rulez! finally figured how to sew one up and not make a whole mess of it that I have to stitch it in place!

Instead of using the facing pieces for the armholes, I chose to use,  my favourite technique, bias binding it! So much easier to make bias binding and sew it in! I get better results with this technique! (Oh look there is a sneak pick of my bedroom curtains there! lol)IMG_1041  I love it its easy to  wear and very comfy! Since I shortened the bodice side of it, it feels and looks a lot more better than the first version! But umbrellas are still pretty cool in my opinion!
PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage (2)And I can change the belt to match the top if I want to!  Also looking a the pictures, I see how the second version looks better on me!  fun fun! #jumpingintojune!

Did you also join in? You are still in  time if you want to join in!



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