Welcome Onyx–of Paprika Patterns

onyx2 Oh, finally the secret it out!

Welcome Onyx Shirt,  the latest pattern released by Paprika Patterns .  A lovely short/sleeveless top.

#Lisa  kindly asked me to help test it! I had a bit of fun doing this! Finally, found a pattern to use my Betty Boo fabric with! (See Below) 

I decided in the end to make both views. Initially, I intended to make view A with  the neckline from view B, but that would have meant, I would have to loose Betty Boo’s legs or part of her head! And that was a no, no! Betty would have been very unpleased!IMG_0919  As it was a test version, I made a straight size 4 as suggested by Lisa in the instructions.  Usually, I end up doing my own thing when it comes to construction, but since this was a  pattern test, I felt I should try to follow the instructions in making the top. The construction was pretty straight forward as the instructions were very easy to follow. The only thing  I got a bit confused were the instructions in attaching the cuff, possibly because of my own fault! (but this was sorted as Lisa added a tutorial on the website showing how to sew the Onyx cuffs with plenty of pictures ). So I ended up doing my own thing for this! And ended up with no exposed seams! Don’t even know how I managed that! IMG_0922  I had to do a bit of pattern matching as the fabric has stripes and I wanted the side stripes to match! Don’t really like stripes not matching on side seams so had to do it! It was not difficult to do as I only had to match two pieces! I went about it by first  drawing one half of the pattern then turn upside down the paper piece and drew the other side! I did not however match the sleeves. But does not bother me!

For the seams I used the French Seam finish for the exposed seams, except the sleeves, that once I sew them together, I overlocked the seam! IMG_0925   For the little tap I used  two red buttons,  to match Betty Boo’s lips! Well she is a diva and matching something with her lips, is not out of the question! A happy Betty means I have a happy top to wear! IMG_0923   My favourite way of finishing the neck/armhole edges is suggested in the instructions, bias binding! So far, Lisa’s technique is the easiest and with it I get the best results (she has a tutorial on How to sew a bias tape neckline if you want to give it a go well) ! I have already applied the same technique one on a few projects since then! IMG_0927  And since I made my first version in only  a few hours, I decided to make the second view as well, to see where it hits on the waist! As I suspected it does hit a bit to high for my liking even with high waist trousers or skirts! The reasons are obvious! Unless I do not move at all! One would have to have a  flat stomach, which I don’t! But it can be worn over a skin tight dress!  Also it is very easy to lengthen the bodice, so I have done just that to the paper pattern, ready to make another!  onyx bettyonyx london  Again I tried a little bit of pattern matching! Since I used  the left over fabric I had from the Kimono dress – that I blogged about here – Thank you ooobop! for the fabric! It was put to good use! It seems I am warming up to the idea of pattern matching! Can you  see that side seam? IMG_0929  I am happy to report that for this test I have not bought any new fabric! I used what I already had in my stash! Hooorray!

However, this did not last long, as I thought that this is the perfect garment for my mum, so when she visited me  for the Romanian Easter (this year it fell a week after the British one) I made her two not just one! Well in the past I made her two dresses she is not wearing! So,  I figured  something casual will get more wear! So we went shopping together and let her choose her favourite fabrics! For her I sized down and made a size 3! That I tried out and feel fits me better than size 4, which feels a bit baggy, especially the cropped version! For the purple top I liked both the  right an the wrong side  of the fabric and decided to play around and made the sleeves by using the wrong side! PicMonkey Collageonyx mama   This little pattern is quite versatile and lends itself to a large number of mix and match the pattern pieces! So a few more versions are  already in my head! LOL! Gee! To do list keeps growing! Wish that the day had more hours and I had to work less so that I can spend more time sewing!

Also  we made it have made it to Spain! Was the perfect weather in Barcelona to wear the top without a jacket! Betty was on holiday! Lucky Girl!!! He he he! SNV33720


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