Salme Cropped jacket

Salme Cropped Jacket

It took me forever to blog about  this jacket! Which is the Cropped Blazer from Salme Patterns.

I actually made it twice now! This one is my second one! The first one I made it for my Christmas tradition! Don’t remember if I told you,  that a few years ago I decided to start a tradition and each year for Christmas I will make myself an item of clothing with Christmas pattern fabric.  And since last year I was a bit cold  in my Christmassy Polly top, (the free pattern from By Hand London)!

At Amy’s suggestion I sized down! So I made a size 10 instead of the suggested one of 12. So glad I did! Size 10 fits me just the way I want.  I made no changes to the pattern! Fit is good straight from the envelope, although in this case is straight from the printer, as I used the PDF version!

cropped blazerOn first try my corners were not that perfect and although it was pretty easy to put together, I misunderstood the instruction about how to add the facing to the front so I had to use my trusted unpick! LOL! I am used to it by now! I no longer get upset when this happens! I take it in my stride and get on with it! Saves me a lot of time wasted on being upset! He, he, it’s part of the process now!

The Christmassy fabric came for my usual fabric shop, Abakan.

Don’t remember much about the construction, as both versions were finished more than two months ago (I kind of planned to have it shared before or around  the time of Christmas to me in season! However it took me forever to take pictures of if and then I was making my  second version, which took a while to snap! Yes, shame on me  to take me so long  to share it with you, but when there is no writing inspiration not chance I am writing anything! 

Hand sewing came into play again as I don’t like flappy facings and the inside together with the overlocked seams looks more professional! The blazer is so comfy to wear! The only missing this is a button! But even though I sized down I can add a button, when I get on with it, and stop being lazy! However, I was very glamorous last year during Christmas period! Oh…

cropped blazer1IMG_0913

With the first version I did not like the fact that you cannot see the collar, as the pattern on the fabric is too busy! And it was the detail of the collar that first attracted me this pattern! So before I finished my Xmassy one I already decided to make one with a contrast collar to show it off a bit.  

Since the the first Leeds meet up in 2014 I had a fat quarter if cocktail glasses! Not really enough to do anything with it! Maybe some patch pockets or the centre panel on Polly top, but I already have 3. I was no longer fun and  felt boring to make another, considering I would only wear them in summer (Besides I still have one fat quarter left if I change my mind)! I do love mixing fabrics so I ended up making another one with the left over fabric of the high wasted trousers I made.   Second time around I was more accurate in my sewing and my corners were better! I also love how the contrasting collar shows of against the rest of the jacket! We even made it to the  Sea, on my holiday to Barcelona this year! Most of the time I was wearing this blazer! It did not go with all my other outfits but who cares!  I just wanted something comfortable! Ha Ha! IMG_0892


    • Thanks Sally! You jusy gave me an idea for another #manhattan! Dont have the fabric yet so need to go shopping again ;)! It will a fun one!

    • Thank you Linda! Since I discovered how much fun it is to mix fabrics I hoard a lot more 😎! But it makes my clothes sp much more fun a special.

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