Kimono Dress–#LoveSewing issue 12

Kimono Dress

No surprise there, that I made this dress. Been looking for a kimono dress pattern! I just did not want to pay for it so had to wait. So when the  in the 12th issue of Love Sewing came out, I just had to  use it to make myself one!

The fabric sat quietly in my stash for a long time. I got it when I won ooobop!’s giveaway ages ago! Still have a little piece for a top! I felt that the fabric was a bit to busy, and a red belt would make it more fun, so used some of the red cotton poplin I bought some months ago from Minerva Crafts   (See I do buy fabric from other shops ! LOL). For sash I opted to cut the longest size so that I can wrap it around my waist twice and secure it in place!

I did a size 10. Thought I don’t need to do an FBA/lengthen bodice  the as the garment measurements seemed to  allow enough ease!

I did not really follow the instruction! This is pretty simple make. I do intend to uses the suggestion to add a button on the side to secure the the dress, so that it does not come undone and have an accident! Ha ha!

As usual  I finished the seams with the overlocker! You  know I like it to look nice on the inside as well!  Kimono dress Kimono Dress

These are one of the shoes I use to wear it! I like the fact that I can use sporty shoes if I need to be walking a lot  or fancier shoes if not much walking is involved .  Kimono dress

The front was gaping a bit!  I forgot to take pictures of it! But trust me it was looking awful! Did not have enough fabric to adjust the pattern (add about 3 cm above the bust line ) and re-cut the front! So I had to improvise! I used some clear elastic in the area that was gaping! I had to unpick the hem for about 30cm on each side of the front! (yes another example of how I must use the unpick in every of my projects) I stretched the elastic while sewing it in, which created a gathering which does not look to pretty when I am not wearing the dress. Kimono dress

However it solves my ‘flashing’ problem and gives me a nice neckline! IMG_0960Kimono dress

Once again I have been reminded that with  the Simple Sew patterns I must lengthen the bodice above the bust for a better fit! I wonder when will I learn to do just that? I hope it will not have to be after I ruin a project I cannot save at the last minute !

How about you, is there a lesson you are  stubborn (in my case it think is laziness) to learn, even though experience has shown you the opposite?



  1. I’ve been looking forward to seeing one of these made up, and you haven’t disappointed. Looks great on you, and I live how the red belt sets off that fabric 🙂

    • Oh! I am glad that you found it useful! If you decide to make it make sure you add a button on the side to keep the front pieces levelled. Yes I had the same thought when I decided to use the red sash! Even thinking to make a yellow one as well! Well to be fair can use any colour! 😽

      • I can see a whole rainbow of them 🙂 Looks really cute on you, so multiple versions sounds like a great plan. As for me, I’ll add it to my list…

  2. The red belt looks really good on the black and white fabric. That’s a really smart fix, and who cares what it looks like when you’re not wearing it?
    How is it to wear such ample sleeves? I would think twice before selecting a pattern like this. I love how they look but they don’t seem very practical.

    • Hey! Normaly I don’t like that sort of sleeper as well! However a flowy fabrics makes the hang and nots stand out to much!

  3. Hi Simona! We love your Kimono dress and would love to feature it in the magazine, would you mind emailing me a copy of an original photo so we can make that happen? (Photos copied or saved from the internet don’t print very well so we love using original images). Thanks!

    • Yes that would be lovely! I will send you a few pictures of the makes I made from you lovely magazine later Today!

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