Making another top #NewLook 6808

About a year on and I finally gone back to making another version of this top.  I blogged about my first version here. My  first version is now in my mum’s closet. And that’s because my bust was a bit to bit for that version.  

I  made the same exact version as before combining views A and E. Just this time I had enough fabric to make the sleeves in the same shell fabric. And used red for the collar, because I just wanted some contrast.  Only different to the pattern from before is that I did a Full Bust Adjustment.

Fabric as per usual   from Abakhan’s, do I even have to mention? (I  do buy fabric somewhere else as well you know! )


Just because I made this before,  did not mean I did not almost mess it up. I managed to put my dart markings on the right side of the fabric which  carbon paper that past experience showed me that does not go away even if I wash the ‘crap’ out of it! Luckily this time around I had plenty of fabric and I was able to just re-cut the front. Phew..!! Zipper insertion went in smoothly. I love side zips! Think I will try and add them in the  side seam as often as I can!


I also managed to improve the finish on the sleeve slit! Doesn’t pucker too much. Now that my chest has more space I love wearing this top. As you  can imagine I made it a while ago, but only now got the chance to share it with  you.



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