Eva Wiggle Dress

eva wiggle dress

Yes, you  can see a bit of a trend here! I so love the patterns that Love Sewing have in their issues and they are free with the magazine! Well this is one of my three subscriptions and it is my favourite so far.

This dress pattern from Eliza M came with issue 6. The design is simple yet effective! For this one I used a fabric I got at my local Abakhan’s shop! (Well to be fair most of my fabric comes from there!) Not my fault that they opened the shop just 15 minutes walk away from  my house, is it now?

For because for this dress I used a fabric with a bit of stretch I did not realise that other than the usual full bust adjustment I also needed to  lengthen the bodice above the bust ! Which resulted with a disaster on my next pattern from Eliza M, but that’s a story for anther post! (Provided that I ever finish that dress, another UFO for now).  I had to figure out how to apply the FBA on this pattern because the fit is given by a waist dart (the technical drawing for this is wrong as it shows a bust dart which on the pattern is located at the waist). Bit of head scratching and then did what I do best, wing it! Luckily it worked!

Nothing out of the usual with this one! Only thing worth mentioning is that the instruction on how to construct the vent are not very clear if you have not done this before. And for me it was the first time attempting this. Therefore I used the instruction in Alison Smith’s book – Dressmaking – the complete step by step guide. Which is a great resource.

I tried to show your this in the pictures below! But it’s hard to see it because the fabric is way to busy! However it is perfect to hide mistakes!  eva dress detail

I am happy with  the fit of the dress, even though I feel the tummy area has a bit to much fabric and maybe could use with taking a bit out, but probably that would not feel the same with  a fabric that does not have any stretch in it! eva dress

I already changed the paper pattern to lower the bodice, so I am ready to go with another version, when I finally get back to this! It is a perfect number for work!



  1. Thank You! Great little number for work and even going out with the right accessories! Will get a lot of wear! X

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